4.4 court yards, • healing gardens, •


4 Patient oriented design For customizing the spaces for patients of each kind will lead to fragmenting each department into separate entities to create a personalized environment for the patient and also distribution of the staff and facilities according to it too. Yet it is difficult to calm the frightened emotions of sick one unless provide them space where they can have affinity with the environment and give them relief from the suffering. Natural elements like • Passive Design• Splendid view of landscape form each bed.

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• Waiting area and corridors.• court yards, • healing gardens,• waterbodies,• play of heights, material, color • Natural light that trigger emotions of hope and serenity. Humane approach • resting places in between long walk ways,• outdoor shaded spaces for public sittings, • careful choice of furniture with respect to material, finishing an d maintenance• Views for each patient• Minimum change in levels4.5 Reality of patient’s emotions at Medical centersIt take a lot of courage for once a healthy person admit to be weak and sick and to admit to get some help from a specialist.

Coming to Hospital, a patient and his family undergoes emotional upheaval –fear, anxiety, shock, traumatized and uncertainty. Due to people with similar strong emotions under one roof creates an intimidating atmosphere of hospital like emotional disturbance by noisy corridor- glaring lights, conversation and panic at nurse station, monotonous and packed interior passively effect on patients psychology and its recovery time period.


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