4.1 at conclusions. Analysis and demonstration of

4.1 Introduction

This chapter highlight on data study, quantifying study results and coding and classification of discussion records. Demonstration of data and testing hypothesis was led arriving at conclusions. Analysis and demonstration of composed data was done using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). The data study of the interview outcomes were accompanied by a qualitative data analysis through data reduction technique.

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4.1.1 Goodness of measures for quantitative analysis

The actions developed in this study for the quantitative data are evaluated through a factor analysis and then monitored by validity and reliability study. The quantitative study covered one hundred and fifty seven employees of XYZ Company Ltd as the minimum sample and one hundred fifty seven have responded which was the selected sample. The main data study was conducted over the same test actions which was accompanied in the experimental study. Factor analysis

The outcome of the factor analysis of all data is showed in ‘Table 4.1’.
Table 4.1: Factor analysis of all data

Source: Developed by the Researcher

A factor study was showed to test the validity of the gathered data and to find factors among variables.


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