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4.4 Scrum MethodologyScrum methodology is a type of agile methodology where different project managers are appointed for the different WBS activity. It is mainly used while product development and in projects that have a small duration of six months. It is efficient as there are project managers overlooking the components of the WBS activity (Cohn,2017).Thus, using the scrum methodology would be effective since Scrum is an agile process that gives leadership to each and every member of the team which motivates the members. On the other hand, helps the team members focus on the vision of the project other than managing (scrum Inc.

, 2014). Each progress is backed track by managers (Scrum Master) whilst maintaining good communication to create deliverable on time. Moreover, project manager ensures priorities are achieved, with an incremental model built in shortens the market release dates by efficiently introducing in the market (Uhlig, 2013). Furthermore, with supervision in each process, testing could be done in each process (Layton, 2012). Although, with each task specifically planned and organized project manager would find difficult to this without a clearly defined objective or structure.

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Moreover, the product life cycle would be uncertain with frequent changes, so it would difficult to forecast (Uhlig, 2013). However, with a short natured project like this, it would be suitable to adopt this methodologyThe advantages of using scrum methodology are that it helps rectify mistakes. It allows new innovative ideas to enter product development at any given time. The daily meetings the group members keep helps increase the productivity of the member individually and of the product. It helps quality products to deliver in a short period of time (Belatrix, 2015).

However good it may be to use scrum methodology, it also has drawbacks like it mainly depends on the project managers input and dedication to the project. If they don’t provide a solid input of the whole project could be ruined. The project managers should be present day for the meeting, be up to date on product development and cannot leave in the middle of the project because if they don’t the whole project will fail, or not happen in time (Belatrix,2015).


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