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 Soup Recipe: Olive Garden’s CopycatZuppa Toscana RecipeThis is yummy of the Olive Garden’s Copycat Zuppa Toscana recipe,which can blow you totally with its delicious taste. The soup recipe can entirely blow youaway when you go through it. It’s not only tasty but the nutritional value ishigh of this healthyrecipe also. It’s a perfect comfort food, even not consisting ofhuge ingredients whereas the home-style soap tastes alone great.

That means ifyou bring sausage and bacon together what makes something good to happen. Youwhether serving a little than not for dinner time. Since it’s kidding while itserving in the dinner table for a small serving!  Now, seriously get my favorite Olive Garden’s Copycat Zuppa Toscana recipe,which prescribes all essential ingredients and directions.

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 What You Need:Italian Sausage – 1 lb that might be mildPotato – 2 large potatoes which are russet baking with cleanand ¼ inch slices Onion – 1 large Vidalia onion that chopBacon – 4 slices of cook bacon which chopAccent Seasoning – 1 tablespoonBlack Pepper – ¼ spoonsSalt – ½ spoons Red pepper – ½ teaspoon which is flakesGarlic – 2 garlic cloves that are minced or garlic from jar1 tablespoonKale – 2 measuring cups, which can alter with 2 cups ofSwiss chard Chicken broth – 2 cups, which is equal to 8 ounces Water – 1 quarter Flour or cornstarch – 2 tablespoons that mixes with water tocompose a pasteCream – 1 cup which is heavy whipping  How to Make ItMake the uncooked sausage into some small pieces with slicesor chops that must cook. It needs to until the meat is ground or brown in colorwhile spreading the aromatics of the seasons.  Decrease the heat while placing potatoes in the pot. Now,slowly add water and chicken Stock which need to stir.

You can use ChickenBouillon envelop that provides extra flavor.  Continue cooking on a medium heat until the potatoes becomewell boil while stirring occasionally. When the potatoes are done then addcornstarch or flour, which need to simmer for extra 15 minutes.  Now, decrease the heat at the lowest setting whilesprinkling cooked bacon and kale.

Pour the cream slowly while stirring.Finally, check for the taste before of serving.  


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