Growing up in a Haitian household, I was
taught to always contribute to my community whether that is in Haiti or the
United States. I was taught by a village of strong individuals on how to be a tenacious
woman and to always care for others. Having the opportunity to spend my summers
in Haiti, I will forever be grateful for the many blessings around us in the
United States where healthcare is a right, which is a steady reminder to me
that those in developing countries have to struggle to have access to
healthcare. Being in Haiti, I was able to understand, connect and relate with others.

Their triumph became my triumph and their sorrow became my sorrow. In Haiti, I
have seen first hand how families are ripped apart because of children, family
and friends that are dying due to the constant cycle of inefficacious
healthcare systems. There are many people in Haiti and other developing
countries that are in the grips of many preventable and treatable illnesses that’s
worsened by the lack of access to clean water, education, healthcare services,
healthy living standards and compassionate care. Losing my grandfather and
other loved ones during the cholera outbreak has not only led me to ask many
questions but also made me determined to enter a field where I can have a
positive impact to reduce health disparities all over the world.

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