Unauthorizedaccess over a web server


Unauthorizedaccess over a web server and its associated software is ………a. Networkhacking    b. Ethical hacking        c. Website hacking      d.

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Computer hacking2. In 1999, ______  stole the source code of the InternationalSpace Station among other sensitive information of NASA.a.

Kevin Mitnick                                b.Johan Helsinguis          c. LinusTorvalds               d. Jonathan James3._________ is afilter designed to keep unwanted intruders outside a computer system or network?a. Exploit kit        b.

Denial of services        c. Firewall            d. Spyware5.  What is OSCPa.

OffensiveSecurity Certified Professionalb. OnlineSecurity Control Protocolc. OperatingSystem Certified Professionald. Online StatusCertificate Protocol6.  In 2014, _____Malware designed to compromisePoint-of-Sale (POS) systems to steal credit card data a. MyDoom        b.Backoff             c. Cryptolocker                  d.

koobface7. What isthe name of the viruses that fool a user into downloading and/or executing themby pretending to be useful applications?a. iloveyou          b. Worm              c.

Trojan horses                                d.CryptoLocker9.  _____ virus which protect themselvesto not detection  from any of the trustedresourcesa.

malware                          b.macro                              c.Stealth                             d.Backdoor10. Which of the  program takescertain functionalities  of internet toredirect into  hackers start page?a. Hijackers                         b.

Adware                           c. Dialer                d. X-trojan


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