?Managing to put rearrange the venue in the

?Managing a business event: P7
Tasks that you need to complete after an event
When you complete an event there will be many tasks that will need to be completed after the event has finished. Firstly, you will need to clean up the venue that the event was held in because if you leave it messy then they will most likely not hire you to plan an event that they hold In the future. Secondly, you will need to put rearrange the venue in the way it was previously as the organisation might need to use the venue the next day. Also, you will need to collect and count any money that you might have got from the event and then create all the financial documents that are required. Next, you will need to remove all of the equipment that you have used as if you leave it then you will be creating a safety hazard as someone might injure themselves as he or she is unaware of the equipment left behind and then you will be blamed and this lead to a court case taken against you. Additionally, you should as for feedback from the customers. This is because you will be creating an event for the customers so making sure that they are happy with your event getting feedback is crucial to making sure that your events are as successful as you can make them. Now, you will need to evaluate the feedback and your own opinion to look at all the good things you did at the event and all of the mistakes that you make at the event to see if next time you could improve the good things and see if the mistakes are preventable. Furthermore, you will need to see if you have taken out any loans and if you have you will need to make sure that they are paid off as soon as you can as to make sure that you won’t have to pay back lots more money than you needed to pay off. Finally, you will need to close the file for this event and then you should archive it. This is because if in the future you need to see certain facts about the case such as the profit made or the positives of that event then it would be easier to find the file all about the event.
Tasks that we will need to complete on the 4th and 5th of December
When we create our Christmas Fair, we will need to carry out several tasks on Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th of December. The first tasks that we will need to carry out are making sure that our stalls have enough float. This means that business will need to have lots of different types of change as if someone wants to buy something and he or she need change and you don’t have any he or she won’t buy the item as he or she won’t get any of his or her money back. Secondly, we will need to clean the floors, pick up litter and any other cleaning tasks to make sure that the atrium is very and clean for the next day. Also, we will need to make sure that if there are any refrigerated items that we place them in a fridge overnight to make sure that none of our stallholder’s products gets ruined overnight. Now, we need to do a stock check to make sure that we have enough products for the next day and if any stock is missing, we will find out what we need to buy and where to get the stock. Next, we will pack up all the stalls that we have run thought out the day. Additionally, we will make sure that we help all the stall holders to load their vehicles if it is needed. Then we need to ask if they have paid for the rental fee to have a stall at our Fair. Now we need to ask for feedback from all the stall holders by using a questionnaire form that we have created and thank them for coming. We will need to gather all the cash and put it all in a lockbox. Finally, we will need to make sure that the floor plan for the next day is correct and to place all the cards for the stallholders for the next day and to update all our social media with pictures and information about the next day’s stalls and stallholders.

Tasks that need to be completed on the last day of the event
When we create our Christmas Fair, we will have lots of tasks that need to be carried out on the last day. Firstly, we will get all the rent and need to count all the money that we have raised and then pay it to the finance department who will then give that money to the charity that we have chosen. Secondly, we will need to complete the raffle draws and then contact the winners are set up when they will collect the prizes if they aren’t still at the Fair. We will need to pack up all the stalls and if stall holders need help putting products in their vehicles, we will help them with that. Now we need to clean off the equipment and return it if we have borrowed it. We will need to make sure that we give a questionnaire to all the stall holders to make sure that future events are as good as possible. Next, we will need to clean away all littler and take down all the decorations. Then, we need to request a college cheque for the charity and then present the charity with the cheque. Now we will need to contact the college marketing department to post all the photos on social media and then send it to the local newspaper. Finally, we will need to conduct a whole team evaluation of the event and the project to see which areas we did very well and what area will need to be developed in the future.

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