3) about the position and balance of

3) Proprioreceptive targets of linguistic manipulation.

It is known that with the help of proprioreceptors human beings obtain information about the position and balance of their body. The manipulative perlocutionary effect is achieved in the cases when recipients somehow project on their bodies the position of the image being suggested by the producer of the pre-election propaganda speech. At that the images which raise the sense of balance are necessarily associated with the producer’s party, or on the contrary, the images which bring the association with something unstable and rickety with that of political rivals. 4) Interoreceptive targets of linguistic manipulation.

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Human interoreceptive system is connected with the signals about inner physiological state of the organism. Those sensational images of some painful conditions and pain in the internal organs are created by the speech producer in order to be associated with the opponents’ party. The producers’ party is associated with the sensational images of healthy conditions and internal organs.


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