3.0 unethical behaviour with the workers whose

3.0 Reasoning and Analysis
3.1 Right Theories and Justice Theory
Right theory means the belief that people have an inherent worth as human beings that must be respected. Every person should respect the rights of others such as freedom of choice, freedom of speech, right to truth, right to what is agreed and others. However, this result an unethical behaviours if the action is violating another person’s rights. Based on the cased that faced by McDonalds, McDonalds is having an unethical behaviour with the workers whose came from Nepal. McDonald’s had violated the contractual rights as well as the right to what is agreed. From the case faced by McDonald’s, the Nepalese were not receiving the salary on time and cause them have difficulty in buying the food and sending the money to their families in Nepal. Not only that, the salary of the Nepalese were also paid less than promised in the contract before. According to the workers, they have a reduction of 25% in their basic salaries compared to the original salary that stated in the contracts.
Besides that, the manager of Human Resources department also keeping the passports of Nepalese workers and do not want to return them although the contracts with the workers have ended. Some of the workers were complaining to headquarters about their situation, however, the headquarters did not response and take any action to correct the action that did by branch of McDonalds. This had forced some of the workers to run away from their job without their passport. The workers have also forced to enter with some illegal work in order to earn some money and send back to their hometown.
Moreover, McDonald’s also having an unethical behaviour by owing the right to life to the workers. Although the workers had provided an accommodation to stay, the condition of the accommodation was worst such as the paint peeling off the damp walls, the trophy of McDonald’s was propped up on the fan switch and others. The workers also forced to fit into a small flat which only contain one small toilet by having 18 workers in a room. This may cause the workers felt uncomfortable and not enough energy to perform their work.
Lastly, McDonald’s unethical behaviours has violated the distributive justice. Distributive justice is meaning that the people should accept the fair share of responsibility and treatment with other people. McDonald’s was treated the Nepalese workers different form the local workers. They cut down the salary of Nepalese workers since they are the foreign workers. McDonalds also delay the time for salary, it is because they thought that the Nepalese workers were cheap and easier to control.
4.0 Expected Ethical Behavior from Industry
4.1 Respect and treat fairly to the workers
Workforce is a very important resources in every company. To become a successful company, the management of the company should treat the workers properly and try to build a good relationship with the workers. There are few ways that McDonald’s should do in order to make a better relationship with workers.
Firstly, McDonald’s should treat every workers equally whether is local workers or foreign workers. They should pay the salary of Nepalese workers according to the contract that has been promised and recorded and should not cut down the salary of workers. The reason of Nepalese workers work in Malaysia is because they want to earn some money and send back to the hometown for their parents. Therefore, the management should pay the correct salary to the workers so that the workers will felt that they were being respected and will not look down by other local workers. Besides, the management should pay the salary of Nepalese workers on time. It is because the salary can help them to solve the problem of daily needs such as buying foods, buying shirt and others. If the management delay the payment of salary, they may have some difficulty in managing the daily needs.
Furthermore, the management should return the passport to the workers once the contract has ended and the workers wish to go back to their hometown. The reason is due to every person has the right to choice. If the workers do not want to continue the job, McDonald’s should not force them to stay and let them to go back to their hometown. The management of McDonald’s can also photocopy the passport of the workers and kept it as a reference and let the workers to keep the original passport. Not only that, the management should also allow the workers to leave if there is any emergency happened in their hometown although the contract with the workers has not ended. By doing this, the workers will felt that the management are respectable and concern on them. As a result, the workers will loyalty to the company and continue to work with them.
Moreover, the management of McDonald’s should provide a better accommodation for the workers. It is because accommodation is a place that allow the workers to relax and comfort after the whole day of working. McDonalds should ensure that the numbers of workers who fit into one room are between four workers to six workers. As there is a relaxing and comforting place for the workers to stay, they will have enough energy to perform their work. Due to this, the performance of the workers will improve and thus the earning of the company will also increase.


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