3.1 the participants to avoid any cheating.3.3

3.1 ParticipantThe participants used for this study was twelve, include uni and college students, ranging in age of 18 to 22. The genders of this participant were not handpicked as it was equally dividends between six females and males. The participants were tested in a quiet room with and without the music.3.2 Instrument identificationsThis experiment will prepare 12 sets of same list of words that randomly selected out from the dictionary. An explanation and consent were given out to each of the participants to sign and agreed toward this experiment.

Participants that had music as a part of their experiment were given an earphone to listen to calm, background music. After five minutes of the memorizing, the participants were given a pen to record their answer. The experiment was conducted in a quiet study room where there have less distraction sound. The music used for this experiment was “instrumental attention, from charlie Puth”.

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The test was only given to the participants where subjects had to sit in front or behind the participants to avoid any cheating.3.3 ProcedureThe participants were placed randomly into one of the two conditions.

They were given an explanation and consent about the details of the purpose of this experiment. For agreeing the consent form, participants were automatically place into one of the two conditions and were given a list of words for memorizing. This study consists of experimental groups and a control group.

The six participants were in control group while remaining six will be in experimental group. They were given a list of 40 words with the same difficulty for 5 minutes to study and memorize the words that were given. The control group will tested without the music while the experiment group will tested with the music. During the five minutes, control group will study in a silent while the experiment group will listen to the calm background music through smart-phone.

The questions paper will be collected back after five minutes. At the end, they were asked to response ranging from ” Strongly disagree” to “Strongly agree” about calm music are able to help them to memorize easily.  


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