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                                  Travel etiquette  Course Name: Practical EtiquetteCourse Teacher: MA JINGWENMajor: ACClass: 2015.1Student Number: 20158305009Name: LIU CANGTINGWith the exception of the outrageous incidents that make the tabloids, what disturbs most when traveling is anything that infringes on our personal space, like the lady piloting the armrest or the gentleman whose bags crowd at your feet, the contents spilling all over the place. There’s the woman (sometimes it’s a man) who has flipped their long hair over the seat so it hangs in front of you like a hirsute doily, the person reading a broadsheet magazines, widely opened within a millimeter of your olfactory sensation, or the seat mate who has fallen quickly asleep on your chest. And we’ve all seen those arguments that burst when someone has reclined too far back, anytime, but especially during the meal service. In order to solve this—when it comes to the politics of travel, think like a centrist when it comes to personal space: Speak softly, carry on a not-too-big bag, look before you lean, and recline moderately. Treat the airport / security / airline staff with courtesy.

Can you imagine being in their position and shouting all day to take your passports out, keep liquids in a bag, remove belt, shoes etc. Scrambling for tickets / passports at the checkin counter. This has to be a no brainer given the fact that without checking your passport, they will not give you a boarding pass. Running around looking for kids / family members while keeping the counter officer, other passengers waiting. Rushing at the boarding gate even when you know that the boarding happens zone-wise & infants and passengers needing assistance will get in first. Standing in the aisle while storing the luggage, taking your sweet time and blocking everyone else! Come on!!! It is so annoying!!Everyone wants to get to their seat. Using the bathrooms and walking back and forth while people are still getting in to the air plane. Loud phone conversations.

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Able bodied men asking the female staff to store their luggage. Pushing the seat back when the passenger behind you has his tray table out and he is eating his meal. Reaching out for the baggage even before it is safe to do so after landing.


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