: understanding of people about the significance of

: The rapid spread of kpop in our country has made a great impact on our people. More
and more students in our school are being influenced by the groove and rhythm of kpop music.
Kpop fits in our generation particularly in the 21st generation which has already accepted the
Kpop civilization. Most schools in the Philippines has been also conquered by the kpop music, it
has ruled the school. Kpop generation is caused by globalization through the use of internet.
That is why most of us people are updated in the happenings in our world. And like many other
organizations in the internet, organizations’ regarding Kpop is one of them. Facebook, Twitter
and many other are social networking cites where group of people in favor of Kpop are present.
We had made questions concerning about what are the psychological effects of kpop and will it
affect the academic performance in the students in our school. We gathered concepts regarding
pop culture (how pop music is accepted and talked from the people) and fandom theory (how
fandom was utilized and enacted throughout people) to further analyze and to complete this
research. The respondents were the 3rd and fourth year classes of Lorma Colleges Special
Science High School (LCSSHS) students excluding our class. This study will contribute for
better understanding of people about the significance of kpop on the fans, and how it will affect
people’s lives.


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