2. provides a fully-featured sql interface to

2. ORACLE Database OLAP optionOracle OLAP tool is an OLAP option already embedded in the oracle Enterprise Edition Database and it serves as an on-line analytical processing server.It also provides a fully-featured sql interface to OLAP cubes and dimensions.

This tool offers a cube-organized materialised view where data is stored in cubes rather than tables and this increases data manageability in that they represent all possible summaries in a single object and are almost always incrementally refreshable; this is an increased query performance functionality.Calculations with SQL queries can be done in these cubes to increase speed of response time and this furthermore increases query performance which may also be deployed transparently when deploying OLAP cubes as materialised views.Furthermore, security-wise, the OLAP option inherits the security features of the oracle database since it is embedded directly into it. There are no separate servers, users or database files to manage thereby allowing for a centralized management of data and business.A single OLAP cube performs the following functions:A summary management solution to SQL-based business intelligence tools and applications.

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A calculation engine that provides SQL-based business intelligence tools with rich analytic content.A full-featured multidimensional server, servicing dimensionally oriented business intelligence content .The OLAP tool uses OLAP DML language for the analytical worksheets which helps to query and control multidimensional data types. CONSTRAINTS:First, the fact that the OLAP option is directly embedded into the Oracle database may pose some security constraints; since the olap tool benefits from the database’s security, a breakdown in the database’s security directly affects the OLAP tool which is very dangerous for the system as compared to OLAP tools which are separated from the database.


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