describes an environment where everything

1984 by George Orwell, describes an environment where everything and everyone is controlled bythe government. The government seeks to exercise their power over people’s minds through physicaltorture to those who might be rebellious to the thought of being independent. The entitlement torights, free thoughts, justice, love, affection and choice are deprived to any normal civilian in London.Every civilian works for the government and to ensure that the above mentioned is indeed practicedto ensure that civilians are deprived, the government makes use of what they call the Thought Policewho would arrest and torture and or kill those would tried to backstab the government system. Thegovernment would also make use of televisions which would monitor every move of the civilians andplacing a rule that the televisions could not be switched off. Winston Smith, the main character of thebook is a reflection throughout the entire book, of what happens to anyone who might want to goagainst the governments’ system. Winston Smith was once a person who thought independently, gotinto love with another character called Julia but ended up being brainwashed and tortured afterhaving been caught exercising his free thoughts.

In the end, he was just a mere robot operated by thegovernment like everyone else.

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