? we ask for a commitment from the

?CHAPTER 91. Firstly, the family pick out the people who are going to be part of the team that people will plan for them. Secondly, when we ask for a commitment from the training planners, that will help to implement whatever plan the team come up with.

2. The author found that when the other professionals who were sitting around the table, had not communicated each other and they had not looked to see what other family members were available to provide the care to the children. The people who are from out of the family, they do not know each other. They just came as a part of their job.

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They do not have any personal attachment towards the family and children. So, the result may be negative or positive. 3. In George story, his mom brought informal support for the process. Her two sisters and her minister.

George, when he was in the residential system, he took many psychotropic medications and which was more costly. George mom’s sisters argue that he does not need any medication. He only needs the close to his family. George and his mom lived far from her sister’s house. During the Christmas and summer holidays, he used to come home. When he came home, his aunt tried to avoid his medications. Also.

Without medication, he started to make some problems and his aunt make him calm. So they think that only close to family can help him. Finally, minister helped to re innovates the mom’s mother basement with the help of other people. Followed by George and his mom was moved to his mom’s mother basement. After they moved, he was close to the family, and he was off a lot of the psychotropic medication he had been on. CHAPTER 101. Interagency collaboration is an unnatural act between nonconsenting adults.

It is essential for each agency. The main reason for the importance is there are probably enough dollars in every community to provide the services to the children and adolescents who need it. For instance; once a child gets into the child welfare system, the child may not automatically be entitled to nay services and the child need from mental health, special education, or juvenile justices. Sometimes one agency could not help itself. So they would ask for help from other agencies. 2. When we blend different services, it would be more beneficial for the child or family. It is the combination of services which the child need.

For example, If the child welfare system has 30 interventions, mental health has 30, juvenile justice has 30, education has 30, and when we blended, the individual or family who qualifies for any systems is now looking at 120 services as opposed to only 30. 3. When we leave some services or agency out of the collaboration, it may affect the individual or family negatively.

Any system that is required to do the work but has not been part of the decision-making process is not going to get enthusiastic about providing those services. Each service contributes to specific roles and responsibilities. So, leaving services will badly affect the individual or family welfare outcomes.CHAPTER 111. Karl and his workers discovered that people are interested in helping others. When we help others, it is much easier to provide products or services than money. Moreover, he concerned the issue that when we keep the children at home with their families, put them into their apartments, or move them into treatment foster care as opposed to residential programs, institutions, and hospitals, the cost was high. Wraparound is by nature always cost-effective and is much less expensive than other types of service delivery that they provide.

Moreover, being cost-effective; providing effective services is the other. 2. Never measure individuals or families according to somebody’s concept of what the community standard might be; because someones’ prediction may wrong. Sometimes, other people prejudice with their wrong perspective. So, always should measure people’s performance against how well they had done in the past before they participated in the wraparound process or any other intervention process.


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