1 the voluntary sector. The private sector is

1 Understand organisation structures:

1.1: There are three main sectors, those of which include the private sector, public sector and finally the voluntary sector. The private sector is a business/organisation that is not controlled by the government that earns profit from the sales it makes which could allow employees to gain a raise in there income and or extra benefits. Bigger examples of businesses in the private sector include apple, amazon and fedEx,The private sector basically generates revenue by competing against their competitors by making sure their products are valued at a better price and they provide the right service. This will in term lead to them gaining more customers which means they will earn a higher profit overall.

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The public sector consists of organisations that are controlled by the government, the government then offers services to everyone and do not gain a profit from it. Three examples of the public sector include police officers, schools and finally the NHS. The public sector itself is funded via the government which is provided by the taxes/fees that people pay.

Last of all is the voluntary sector( which can also be referred to as the community sector) focuses on helping and benefiting people and society as a whole without taking profit into consideration, charity work is a prime example of this, specific example include the NSPCC, Mayfare and Oxfam. In most if not all circumstances of the voluntary sector workers do not generate income and instead choose to work at these places because it is a right thing to do, any money raised goes towards charity for example the NSPCC raises money for children and young adolescence who have been abused.

A type of organisational structure known as bureaucratic structures stick to a very strict hierarchy system, when it comes to there management, Structures pre-bureaucratic lack in standards and are found in smaller scale start up companies. The structure itself are usually centred and focus on a single key decision maker. Communication is done in singular one to one conversations/ meetings which is extremely beneficial for smaller scale companies as the creator of said company is fully aware and in control of every operational decision.
Bureaucratic structures have a certain degree of standards and are usually found within organisations which are growing large and complex, Due to this these structure require constant and consistent management. Post bureaucratic structures are found within organisations which follow strict guidelines but are pen to modern ideas/ methodologies, they follow techniques such as total quality management.Functional structures are divided into smaller segments which are based upon functions of managing.This structure essentially allows an organisation to enhance the efficiency of the functional groups,functional structures themselves appear to be successful within large organisations whom produce high volumes of product relative to a lower cost of said products. The low prices of these products is ofcourse achievable due to these efficiencies.
Divisional structures are divided into the functional areas of the organisation to divisions, divisions within this style of structure are equipped with there own resources which allows them to function independently Another type of organisational structure would be the matrix structural system, which places there employees based upon their function and product. This structure gives the benefits of both the function structural system and divisional structuring system. Within these organisations they use teams in order to complete tasks, these teams are based upon the place they belong in the organisation. The project manager within this structure is still recognised as an extremely crucial person and is given more authority within the organisation to manage projects



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