1. to the new one.According to Ferris,

1. Learn to read fasterIf you are an entrepreneur like the majority reading this article, then you have a certain number of books that you put off for later.An average person can usually read 250-300 words per minute, thus doubling the reading speed to 500-600 words per minute, you will be able to read twice as many books at the same time.According to Ferris, there are two simple methods for increasing the speed of reading.

a. Use the pointerUse the pen or your index finger to track the read speed.This is useful to you in applying the following method described.b. Develop your peripheral visionStart reading three words starting with the first in the line, and then go to the last three words in the same line.

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 Do not worry if you can not at first perceive the meaning of the read, because now the main goal is to make your eyes switch from the normal reading speed to the new one.According to Ferris, you should strive for speed: one line in 0.5 seconds.Do this again and again until you feel comfortable with the new reading speed, after which your understanding of the text will also begin to improve.2. Use technologyDespite the fact that there is a limit to the speed at which we are able to learn to read, technology can help us speed up the process.a. SpritzSpritz helps you increase the speed of text perception – you select an article on the Internet and words from it appear on the screen at the speed you set.

You can add this to your browser’s bookmarks and read anything on the Internet, using their quick reading tool. The service works with texts in Russian, English, Spanish, French, German and even Korean.b. Blinkist (no Russian version)Blinkist is an online platform that collects brief retellings of books written by people, their reading takes no more than 15 minutes. At the moment, the service specializes in popular scientific literature. Technically, Blinkist does not help you read more books, since this is just a summary, however, you can benefit as well by spending half the time and getting the basic ideas of each book.

I used Blinkist in two ways:1. Reading non-tactical booksThe so-called non-tactical books are built around one high idea, and there is no need to read them from cover to cover. The fact that someone has already read them for you, will save your time, and also will extract 80% of useful information.2. Overview before reading the full versionYou can use short retellings from Blinkist to learn about what is written in this book to decide whether to buy the full version3. Make a scheduleReading more books can be facilitated by the fact that you simply allocate more time for them.

 A timetable for your main tasks can be the most productive way to achieve the goal. And it works not only with reading, you can also spend more time learning a foreign language or perfecting some kind of skill.With such a simple tool as Google Calendar , you can plan your day by allocating time for self-education.

 This is easy to do in 15-30 minutes in the morning before the start of the working day or at lunch time.


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