1 knowledge with real life experience. It

1 Rationale of the studyThe internship program is very beneficial to connect theoretical knowledge with real life experience. It has been designed to have a practical experience for enhanced theoretical understanding.Internship program plays a significant role for each and every student, especially for the students of Business Administration for better theoretical understanding, which helps them to relate their learning with organizations’ real life situations. For this reason, every student have to work under any organization as their internship program as the last stage of their degree.

This definitely help them to start their corporate career with some practical experience. This report is a part of my internship program. It has been set for three (3) months at “Trust Bank Ltd” as a part of my BBA program.

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In our BBA Program all courses are centered on theoretical things and the internship program has helped me to understand and relate the organizational situations and behavior as well. I got opportunity to be a part of Trust bank ltd (Gulshan Corporate Branch) for this three months and I gather few practical Knowledge about “all seven departments of Trust Bank Ltd.”2.2 Statement of the ProblemsThe problem statement is exploring how the operations of Trust bank’s Gulshan Corporate branch is being running smoothly to have maximum customer satisfaction with the help of a comparatively large number of employees and working team. On the other hand, managing a comparatively large number of qualified employees, introducing them properly with new advanced technologies by proper training, and allocate them all facilities they require, along with compensation, to make sure they are giving their best to their job is also quite challenging. Besides the current problems which have been raised after the relocation of the Gulshan Corporate Branch should be taken under consideration.

2.3 Scope of the ReportThe scope of the organizational part covers the organizational structure, background, Products and the financial performance along with the services they provide to the clients of “Trust Bank Limited” As a whole. The main part covers banking operation management as well as the training and development of their employees. This Report helps me to understand real time experience about all departments and also to facilitate me to broaden up my knowledge and skills.

Along with this-There were many opportunities to interact with the manager of the branch.Directly involved in the general banking operations, solving customers issues, preparation of loan proposal, undertaking and many more things related to daily banking operations. There is opportunity to increase the profit amount of Gulshan Corporate BranchDirectly observed the monitoring of non-performing loans along with other loans.Directly took part in Trust bank’s all banking activities.2.4 Limitation of the StudyThe main problem faced in writing this report was the inadequacy and lack of accessibility of needed information. This report is Associate in Nursing overall read of the Operations of the Trust Bank Ltd (Gulshan company Branch).

however, there’s some limitation for writing this report. These barriers, that hinder my work, are as follows:Time wasn’t enough to form full study on such issue.Difficulty in accessing latest information of internal operations. Some data was withheld to retain the confidentiality of the bank. All of the consumer data was confidential therefore was quite hard to gather.some information’s that are given on websites don’t seem to be updated With all of this limitation I attempted my best to write this report as best as possible.

so readers are requested to think about these.2.5 Objectives of the Report:For this report the objectives are-Primary Objective:The primary objective of the report of the internship program is to explore Trust Bank’s operational activities of all departments and customers perception regarding of The Trust Bank Limited (Gulshan Corporate Branch). Secondary Objectives:The particular objectives of this study are follows:To obtain knowledge on the overall banking activities take place in Trust Bank Limited.To gather an overall knowledge on operation and how they solve it with their experiences.

To get the opportunity of direct involvement in the procedure of banking system and also get an overall idea of handling the Activates in Trust Bank Limited gulshan branchTo understand and analyze prospects and problems of credit department and foreign exchange department of Trust Bank Limited.To analyze and evaluate the policy of Trust Bank Limited (GCB).MethodologyData CollectionIn this thesis paper most of the data are collected from secondary resources. I have taken help from articles, thesis papers, books, newspaper etc.

which was published online. I also took help from some online websites to do my research work. Some information has been included from personal experiences of my internship in Trust Bank Limited.

TimelineThe timeline of this thesis paper is from 2013 to 2017. For the overall research some of the data has been taken from 2007, 2010, 2012 but most of the data are taken from 2013 to 2017.Part 3Project PartTRUST BANK LIMITED (Gulshan Corporate Branch)3.1 Introduction Initially banking system assisted mainly the depositors for funds, whereas the modern system has included the supply of credit as their main purpose. Bank does not only accepts money or deposits, but also lends money and creates its own credit. Banks are financial institutions or financial intermediary between the people who has money and who is in need of money. Briefly, the process of banking is to collect the idle money and invest this money in economy.

In this process, one party who has the idle money deposits in bank and the other party who needs the money borrow from bank. The depositors get some interest on their deposited money and the borrowers pay some interest payment on the amount of money they borrowed. Bank has no money of its own, it just works as an intermediary between two parties, and so if the borrower cannot pay the money back to bank, the bank must repay the money to the depositors from bank’s profit. Therefore, there is always a risk in loans if the loan will be repaid to bank.In Bangladesh, there are three types of banks; Private, Government and Foreign Banks. Trust Bank Limited is one of the leading Commercial bank in private banking sector of Bangladesh.

3.2 Different DepartmentsGENERAL BANKING FOREIGN EXCHANGE CREDIT DEPARTMENT3.3.1 General Banking Section General Banking Is the Stage point of all Banking operation. This department assists in taking deposit and provides some client service.

Every day it receives Deposit from the customers, provide their needs Services as demand. Under general banking Section in Millennium Branch, there are several divisions:Account OpeningCash departmentRemittance DepartmentFinancial Control ; Accounts Department (FCAD)Clearing Section.Account Opening Requirements to open an account:Two copies of Passport Size Photograph of the Clients (Attested by introducer or Verified with Passports)Passports/ Nationality Certificate/ Employer’s Certificate of the Proprietor.Customer Profile.Transaction Profile.Photograph of the Nominee(s) attested by the account holder.TIN Certificate.

Different type of services of A/C Opening :A bank has to maintain different types of accounts for different purposes. Trust Bank limited (TBL) offers the general deposit products in the form of various accounts.Current Deposit AccountSavings Deposit Account (interest calculated on monthly minimum balance of Tk.2000 and above)Fixed Deposit (3 months to 3 years’ term)Trust Smart Savers Scheme(TSS)Trust Double Profit Scheme(TDPS)Trust Money Making Scheme(TMMS)Trust Education Scheme(TES)Corporate FinancingTrust Marriage Loan Scheme (TMLS)Trust Car Loan Scheme (TCLS)Trust House Building Loan Scheme (THLS)Trust Kotipoti SchemeTrust Maxmill scheme Deposit Products:5238754648200026289001560830DepositProducts00DepositProductsThere are several products under deposit product offered by Trust Bank Limited.Current Deposit Account: Current savings account is the web flow of current transactions with no restriction, together with services and interest payments.

it’s associate easy-to-use, convenient current.Savings Deposit Account:A Saving bank account (SB account) is supposed to push the habit of saving among the individuals. It also facilitates responsibility of cash. during this scheme fund is allowed to be withdrawn whenever needed, with none condition. therefore, a bank account could be a safe, convenient and cheap way to save your cash. Bank additionally pays you a marginal interest for keeping your cash with them.

Short Term Deposit Account:Short Term deposit account is the web flow of current transactions together with services and interest payments. it’s an easy-to-use, convenient current account with instant access and withdrawals to your cash anyplace in Bangladesh.Fixed Deposit Account:A fixed deposit is supposed for those investors who wish to deposit a lump sum of cash for a hard and fast amount; say for a minimum period of thirty days to 1 year and more than that, thereby earning the next rate of interest in return. the person who is investor gets a lump sum (principal + interest) at the maturity of the deposit.

Bank fixed deposits are one amongst the foremost common savings scheme open to an average investor.Amount/slab wise Deposit Tenure  01 Month 03 Months 06 Months 12 Months ; above Any amount 7.00% 12.00% 12.00% 12.00%Table: Interest Rates on Fixed Deposit AccountTrust Smart Savers Scheme (TSS):The name of the scheme is ‘Trust Smart Savers Scheme (TSS)’ and an Account holder contributing to this scheme will be known as TSS Account holder.

Monthly Deposit Amount payable at maturity(3 years) Amount payable at maturity(5 years) Amount payable at maturity (7 years) Amount payable at maturity (10 years)500 20,897 38,514 59,801 1,00,000 1,000 41,794 77,027 1,19,601 2,00,000 2,000 83,588 1,54,055 2,39,202 4,00,000 3,000 1,25,380 2,31,100 3,58,800 6,00,000 4,000 1,67,170 3,08,100 4,78,400 8,00,000 5,000 2,08,970 3,85,100 5,98,000 10,00,000 Table: TSSS SchemeTrust Money Double Scheme (TMDS):The objective of this scheme is to twice the deposited amount in the following way: Deposit Value Maturity Value Years10,000/- or multiple thereof 20,000/- or multiple thereof 6 yearsTable: TMDS SchemeTrust Educare Scheme (TES):Students who are eligible to take refunds from Bank are encouraged to register in this deposit. The deposit with interest of outstanding is maturity both in lump-sum or as scheduled allowances for 3/5 years preliminary from the completion of the period.   Terms Deposit Tk. Monthly Educate allowance later maturity with 3 years continuity Lump-sum amount payable at maturity3 years Tk.10,000 Tk.430 Tk.

13,4005 years Tk.10,000 Tk.520 Tk.16,000Table: TES SchemeMonthly Benefit Deposit Scheme (MBDS):The benefit of this scheme will be paid once-a-month base. As such this is known as Monthly Benefit Deposit Scheme (MBDS).

Target GroupThe benefit of the individuals who intend to meet the monthly budget of the families from the revenue out of their deposit. It may be for retired service holders, housewife of entrepreneur ; further professionals Trust and Foundations or other associations, which award monthly scholarship to students etc.Lakhopati Savings Scheme (LSS)At the maturity the investor will get TK. 1.00 Lac by depositing once-a-month installment as per following procedure:Monthly installment proportions and terminal benefit  of the scheme will be as follows: Monthly payable amount (Installment in BDT) Duration/Period of the Scheme Amount payable at maturity (BDT) Rate of interest490.00 10 Years 1,00,000.

00 9.50%1,280.00 5 Years 1,00,000.00 10.47%2,390.00 3 Years 1,00,000.00 10.10%Table: LSSS SchemeInterest First Fixed Deposit Scheme (IFFDS):Interest First Fixed Deposit works like usual Fixed Deposit.

In this deposit the client gets interest in advance. The customer does not have to wait for maturity of the fixed deposit; as a replacement for this he/she can use the interest instantly and keep the investment unbroken till the maturity. This is a smart scheme in this sense; investor gets the interest first and can reinvest it.Automated Banking 1523365190500000There are 3 types of automated banking offered by Trust Bank limited. Those are:Internet Banking:It is phase of Internet and one can access his/her account from anywhere in the world by using his/her unique user id and password. Now a User can see his/her account balance as well as take print out of their transactions with exact date, variety and can reserve it as a document.

t-cash: Trust Bank Mobile MoneyWith an goal to convey advanced mobile banking services at the door step of the general people; TBL re-launched and rebranded their “Trust Bank Mobile Money” as ‘t-cash’ from April 01, 2018. ‘t-cash’ will support all the companies with standard business platform, open interfaces and support a wide variety of business model in the financial network. With low cost, technology based expanded product plan with minimal risk management. TBL also aims to bring the unbanked people under this banking network.’t-cash’ empowers its clients to benefit financial services by their mobile phones over SMS, USSD and Internet with speed, handiness and security. ‘t-cash’ is a savings account and thus general clients will get Interest.’t-cash’ offers a wide array of services which are as follows:1. A/C Registration, Cash Deposit and Withdraw at agents and TBL Branches2.

Person to Person fund transfer3. Tuition and other fees payment of educational institutions4. Recruitment Fees Collection of Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air force5. Utility bills payment:Air time recharge of all Telco’s and BTCLInsurance premium collection of MetLife Alico, Meghna Life Insurance.

Electricity Bill Collection of DESCO, DPDC and WZPDCWASA bill6. Passport Fee Collection7. National ID Correction or Reissue Fee Collection8. Foreign Remittance disbursement9. Salary disbursement10.

Online Merchant Payment11. A/C Balance check12. A/C Statement (Last 3 transaction check)Phone and SMS Banking:You may not have the time to get to a Trust Bank branch or it may be after regular business hours, so as a solution of this, Trust Bank has easy way to serve your banking needs using any phone, whether you are at home, office, or on the road.

Trust Bank’s phone banking is absolutely free. This service performs balance query and mini statement of a customer via phone. Mini statement contains last five debit and credit transactions including balances. This service will soon include utility bill and fund transfer facilities. Phone Banking is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Via SMS banking customers get alert and account updates.Trust Locker Service (TLS) Bangladeshi LockerLockers Size Rent (yearly)Big 21.5″x14.

5″x9.75″ Tk. 2000.00Medium 21.5″x14.5″x5″ Tk. 1500.

00Small 21.5″x7″x5″ Tk. 1000.00Godrej Indian LockerLockers Size Rent (yearly)Big 20″x14″x11″ Tk.

30,000.00Medium 20″x14″x5″ Tk. 20,000.00Small 20″x7″x5″ Tk. 15,000.00Table: Feature and Price of Locker ServiceIslamic Banking Trust Islamic Banking is solely committed to conduct and manage the banking system abiding the Islamic law.

Islam has given right to attain and own assets. At the same time Islam has also provided the processes and responsibilities for this. Following these processes and responsibilities absolutely will ensure the blessings in our life here and hereafterIslamic Banking is Trade based banking system. Trade is mainly of two kinds- buy/sell and investment and both segment avoid the Interest completely.

According to Islamic Shariah, buy/sell is process of purchasing of goods in a certain price with the buyer and seller’s consent. Shariah has the explanations for different kinds of purchasing contracts. On the other hand, investment is a business based on profit-loss sharing. There are Shariah compliant explanations for it and Islamic banking is managed complying all the Shariah commandments.

Success of Islamic Banking mostly depends on the commitment and knowledge of all the participators (bank and customer). Trust Bank is committed to offer the finest and modernized Islamic Banking system by means of its administrative professionalism and dedication.95250652462500Trust Bank offering Tree types of Islamic Products and those are:Credit Cards 66294018707100There are several options for credit cards offered by Trust Bank Limited.

These are:2546350142875Credit Cards00Credit CardsFigure: Credit Card Products5379720-3048000Visa Gold Local:Visa Gold Local is an unsecured credit line operable only within Bangladesh. Bank may issue credit line for up to BDT 100,000 upon proper verification of all required documents. 5334000662940000Visa Classic Local: Visa Classic Local is an unsecured credit line operable only within Bangladesh. Bank may issue credit line for up to BDT 50,000 upon proper verification of all required documents.538353011303000Visa Classic International:Visa Classic International is an unsecured credit line operable outside Bangladesh only. Bank may issue credit line for up to USD 1,000 upon proper verification of all required documents.Visa Gold International:Visa Gold International is 53835304762500an unsecured credit line operable outside Bangladesh only. Bank may issue credit line for up to USD 3000 upon proper verification of all required documents.

However, higher than USD 3000 may be approved if the qualified applicant maintains FC or RFCD account with TBL and the account has sufficient fund to justify the higher limit. 5337810825500Visa Dual Card:An unsecured credit line is issued against this card. The card is operable both inside and outside Bangladesh. Bank may issue credit line in both currencies. The combined limit is determined by the Credit Card Approval Committee. Trust International Prepaid Card (Will be introduced soon):Debit card generally carry the same features as a standard debit card, with integrated functions available.

Prepaid Debit cards are commonly being developed with features such as online functionality, where the card can be just like a credit card providing serviceATMsPOSOnline PurchaseThe customer will use the Int’l prepaid card like cash to pay for products and services at accepting retail locations, restaurant and hotels abroad and anywhere in the world.Cash Department Payment through CashClients give their cheques with their signatures. These signatures are justified with specimen signature cards. If these signatures are correct, then A/C numbers are posted into the computer and required balances are given to them after checking that they have sufficient balance in their accounts.Payment through TransferThis transfer is made through account to account, not in cash.Payment through Clearing HousePayment is made through clearing house.

In this case the parties are account holder’s different banks. The clearing-house in Bangladesh bank makes the clearing tasks in working day where the representatives of every scheduled bank are present there to collect their own banks’ cheques.Other Activities under Cash department: Opening of Cash: Beginning balance is used to start daily transaction.

Maintenance of Receipt and Payment Registers while receiving ; paying different amount of cash.Previously issued cheque will be paid if issued 6 months before.Advance issued cheque cannot be made payment even one day before.Evening Banking: can only receive cash. No payment can be made except some special cases.Issue Note: Notes issued by the bank ; accepted by the people, fresh notes.Non-issue Note: Notes cannot be issued for public like torn, mutilated notes Soiled Notes etc.

Remittance Department (local): Remittance (local) plays a vital role in case of Banks Customer Service Section. Roles ; Responsibilities of remittance section knows no bound. The activities of Remittance Departments are:Issue and payment of Pay Order, FDR, Pay Slip, Demand Draft, SDR etc.Execution of Inward and Outward Telegraphic TransferNon client services like T.T.

and Pay OrderFollow up with clientsInternal and local collection of cheque and billsShanchaya patra is received from Bangladesh bank (BB). People purchasing these bonds by depositing money in this branch and payment are made on maturity to customers from this branch only. Every transaction is reported to Bangladesh bank. In case of issuance, report to be reached to BB within 48 hours, otherwise penalty is imposed. Money is realized from BB after making payment to customer. 5 years Bangladesh Shanchaya patra (5 BSP) :Any single individual can buy Bangladesh Shanchaya patra for up to TK.

50 lac. And jointly can buy for up to TK.1 Crore. Interest Rate: 12.

00% After 5 years.3 Month Profit Based Sanchaya patra(3MPBS):Duration of this Shanchaya patra is 3 years. Any person who purchases this Shanchaya patra can withdraw his/her interest in every 3 months but capital can be withdrawn after the maturity period.

Any single individual can buy 03 MPB Shanchaya patra up to TK. 50 lac. And jointly can buy for up to TK.1 Crore.Interest Rate: 11.50% after 3 yearAfter every three (03) month 2,875/= Tk. will be given against 1 Lac. Taka.

Pensioner’s Sanchaypatra Any single individual can buy Pensioner’s Sanchaypatra up to TK. 30 lac.  Interest Rate: 12.50% after 5 yearAfter every three (03) month 3,125/= Tk. will be given against 1 Lac. Taka.Financial Control ; Accounts Department (FCAD): Financial control and accounts department (FCAD) is deal with all sort of administrative works of a branch. Paying every bill, reducing the expenditure of the branch, cutting cost, arranging programs, solving problems, buying stationery, arranging transportation for the employees, sanctioning leaves and holidays, collecting voucher from the employees and checking it and all sort of HR related works are done by Financial control and accounts department in Gulshan corporate branch.

Clearing Department: Payment through TransferThis transfer is made through account to account, not in cash.Payment through Clearing HousePayment is made through clearing house. In this case the parties are account holder’s different banks. The clearing-house in Bangladesh bank makes the clearing tasks in working day where the representatives of every scheduled bank are present there to collect their own banks’ cheques.

Objections to unpaid chequesWhen cheques are returned from clearinghouse, they mention the cause of returning. TBL Return memo includes the following causes:(A)  Insufficient Fund(B)  Not arrange for.(C)  Effects not cleared, may be presented.(D)  Exceed arrangements.(E)  Full Cover Not Received.(F)  Payment stopped by drawer.(G)  Payee’s endorsement irregular illegible required.(H)  Payee’s endorsement irregular, required bank’s confirmation.

(I)    Drawers, signature differs/ required.(J)   Alterations in date/ figures/ words require drawer’s full signature.(K)  Cheque is postdated/ out of date/ mutilated(L)   Amount in words and figure differs(M) Crossed cheque must be presented through a bank(N)  Clearing stamp required/ requires cancellation.(O)  Addition to bank discharge should be authenticated(P)  Cheque crossed “Account, Payee Only”.(Q)  Collecting Bank’s discharge irregular/ required.2.

   After returning of cheque the cause is notified to the client to take necessary action.3.   Also the vouchers are made reversal after returning of cheque i.e. Bills lodge debited and Bills for collection credited.Closing of Account & Disposal of Unutilized Cheque:Application to the manager for closing the accountBank takes Tk.50 as closing chargeThe application form and specimen sign card is marked as closedThe customer has to submit any unutilized portion of cheque and bank will destroy these.

3.4.2 Foreign Exchange DepartmentForeign Exchange Departments Deals with Import, Export and Foreign Remittance and Important Financing. This Department is Playing and Impartment role in Enhancing export earnings.IN TBL Gulshan Corporate Branch is doing following activities on a regular basis:Export & ImportForeign Currency EndorsementWage Earners Development BondsForeign Currency A/C.Export Operations:In order to Creation of wealth in any country depends on the expansion of production and increasing participation in international trade. By increasing production in the export sector we can improve the employment level of such a highly populated country like Bangladesh.

Bangladesh exports a large quantity of goods and services to foreign households. Readymade textile garments (both knitted and woven), jute, Jute-made products, frozen shrimps, tea are the main goods that Bangladeshi exporters export to foreign countries. Garments sector is the largest sector that exports the lion share of the country’s export. Bangladesh exports most of its readymade garments products to U.

S and European Community (EC) countries. Bangladesh exports about 40% of its readymade garments products to U.S. Most of the exporters who export through TBL are readymade garments exporters. They open export L/Cs here to export their goods, which they open against the import L/Cs opened by their foreign importers.

Export L/C operation is just reverse of the import L/C operation. For exporting goods by the local exporter, bank may act as advising banks and collecting bank (negotiable bank) for the exporter. TBL also has the capacity to support the exporters of businessman’s in BangladeshThe main documents required are Airway Bill / Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Consular Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Inspection, Certificate and Certificate of origin. For becoming an Exporter a person needs: -Current A/C in TBLERC (Export Registration Certificate) issued by CCI & E (Chief Controller of Import & Export).Permission from sponsoring Authority such as Board of Investment for industries, Department of Textile for garments etc.

Traders Association’s certificateVAT (Value Added Tax) ; TIN (Tax Identification Number) certificates.Import Operations:There are different other parties who are also related to this foreign exchange process. But Bank is the most important of all the other parties. Bank works asIntermediary in case of foreign exchange. So, we can say that the foreign exchange is nothing but the combination of export and import in international platform.If an importer wants to buy goods from foreign countries, he has to communicate with the exporter or he may also communicate through indenting firms.When an importer ; exporter are agreed to come into a contract for buying ; selling goods, then the importer issues a LC for the exporter, for issuing a LC at TBL the importer has to submit some necessary papers documents. These are the following: –In case of local (back to back) L/C TBL, Gulshan Corporate Branch maintains the following procedure: Purchase Forwarding Permission from Head office (H.

O) Adjustment Remainder letter Report to Bangladesh Bank (BB) Credit DepartmentOne of the core function of commercial Banks is to create and disburse of loan able funds commercial ; industrial activities bank distributes its fund among various sectors to derive sufficient Income. The credit department of Gulshan Corporate Branch provides 3 (three) category loans:Corporate LoanRetail Banking UnitSME (Small Medium Enterprise) Commitments to Clients:Provide service with high degree of professionalism and use of modern technology. Create long-term relationship based on mutual trust. Respond to customer needs and speed and accuracy.

Share their values and beliefs. Grow as their customers grow. Provide products and service at competitive pricing.

Ensure safety and security of customers’ valuables in trust with usPRINCIPAL OF CREDIT:Basic principle governs the extension of credit. These principles are strictly maintained to shape and define the acceptable risk profile of Trust Bank and guides to respond business opportunities as they arise. Basic lending principles are;Know your customerLiquidity of the customerSafetySecurityProfitability (from both banks and customer’s purpose of the loan’s perspective)DiversificationNational interestTypes of Loans and Advances offered by TBL (GCB):Basically Trust Bank offers both funded and non-funded credit facilities.Funded Loan FacilityCash CreditOver draftSecured over draft Term loans: Short term loan – less than 1 year falls with this categoryMidterm – this loan facility is extended for more than 1 year but less the 3 year.

Trust Bank encourages midterm loan.Long term – tenure of long term loan is more than 5 yearsInland Bill Purchased (IBP)House Building LoanMarriage LoanCar loan (Staff & Others)Consumer Durable Scheme(CDS)Loan Against Trust Receipt (LTR)Any Purpose LoanRetail products:2847975690562518478506134100There are several products under retail product offered by Trust Bank Limited. These are: Figure: Retail ProductsCar Loan:Now a car is no longer luxury but necessity.

Moreover, a car is more than a symbol of prestige. TBL offers you to materialize your dream of owning a car through TBL car loan facility.Household Durables Loan:Need are constantly changing phenomena in human life to improve the standard of living. Sometimes your saving is not good enough to meet your requirements.

At, the Trust Bank, we take care of your financing needs and you can trust on us as your financial partner indeed.TBL Doctor’s Loan:Medical is a noble profession which is evolving fast. In a country like ours it is important to be a part of those changes as we cannot afford to be lag behind. Keeping that in mind and with a vision to support and promote health services, TBL is at your side with our Doctors’ Loan.TBL Advance against Salary Loan:Life is continuously facing unforeseen events. For which sudden financial support is essential. We are at your side to meet up your urgency at any moment through our “Advance against salary” scheme.

Education Loan Scheme:A substantial amount of finance is required to give your child the best education or to get a higher degree either at home or abroad. TBL, “Education Loan” relief you from this burden and ensure uninterrupted study through steady flow of cash. Travel Loan:When you plan to travel local or global exotic location, financing is the key issue.

TBL Travel loan is ready to provide instant financial support. Hospitalization Loan:Employees of confirmed service holders, Businessman, Professionals can avail this loan.Any Purpose Loan:We have so many needs, some are attainable with our means & standing and some are unattainable. The unattainable needs can be met by TBL. “Any Purpose Loan’Apon Nibash Loan: TBL offers Apon Nibash (House Finance) to you with easy repayment schedule matching your affordability. You have unlimited options of choosing your home with limited means and standing. Here, TBL Apon Nibash helps you to match your long cherished dream.CNG Conversion Loan:Confirmed service holders, Businessman, Professionals (Owner of the vehicle or valid user of the vehicle) ; Corporate Clients (for more than one Car).

Any other persons who have adequate cash flow to repay the loan installment. Maximum age limit of the borrower – 60 yrs; in exceptional case, MD can relax the age limit up to any age depending on the merit of the case. TBL Marriage Loan:Tying the marital knot is an event of a life time and its celebration and memories should last forever. TBL “Marriage Loan” will help you to arrange celebrate the marriage in style. Trust Youniverse Program:Trust Youniverse program is one of the innovative programs of Retail Banking Division.

With this program Trust bank Debit ; Credit card holders will get the windows of vast opportunity from different loyalty partners. This program will definitely made an impression to our customer’s mind as it gives the instant discounts and facilities to the Trust Bank customers. To utilize the market opportunity for our Trust bank customer’s we started our loyalty program as “TRUST YOUNIVERSE” From early 2012. Under this Umbrella we have signed with different organizations to provide our customers with attractive facilities and additional extravagant experience. Trust Youniverse is an attempt by TBL Retail Banking Division to make our valued customers’ life easier with superior services & experience.

We assure our valued customers that more and more of these facilities will come in near future to enhance the Youniverse experiences.Requirements and policies to approve loan:A loan policy gives loan officers and the bank’s management specific guidelines in making individual loan decisions and in shaping the bank’s overall loan portfolio. One of the most important ways a bank can make sure its loans meet regulatory standards and are profitable is to establish a written loan policy.Trust Bank Limited also has a good loan policy and the most important elements of that policy are as follows:A goal statement for the bank’s loan portfolio (in terms of types, maturities, sizes, and quality of loans).Specification of the lending authority given to each loan officer and loan committee (measuring the maximum amount and types of loan that each person and committee can approve)Lines of responsibility in making assignments and reporting information within the loan department.Operating procedures for soliciting, reviewing, evaluating, and making decisions on customer loan applications.The required documentation that is to accompany each loan application and what must be kept in the bank’s credit files (required financial statements, security agreements, etc.

)Lines of authority within the bank, dealing who is responsible for maintaining and reviewing the bank’s credit files.Guidelines for taking, evaluating, and perfecting loan collateral.A presentation of policies, and procedures for setting loan interest rates and fees and the terms for repayment of loans.A statement of quality standards applicable to all loans.A statement of the preferred upper limit for total loans outstanding (i.

e. the maximum ratio to total loans to total assets allowed).A description of the bank’s principal trade area, from which most loans should come.

A discussion of the preferred procedures for detecting, analyzing, and working out problem loan situations.Credit worthiness analysis by 6 “C”s:Borrower’s credit worthiness analysis by Trust Bank following 6 “C”s:The question that must be dealt with before any other is whether or not the customer can service the loan – that is pay out the credit when due with a comfortable margin for error. This usually involves a detailed study of six aspects of the loan application:Character, capacity, cash, collateral, conditions, and control. All must be satisfactory for the loan to be a good one the lender’s (Trust Bank’s) point of view.Character:The loan officer must be convinced that the customer has a well-defined purpose for requesting bank credit and a serious intention to repay. Responsibility, truthfulness, serious purpose, and serious intention to repay all the monies owed make up what a loan officer calls character.Capacity:The customer requesting credit must have the authority to request a loan and the legal standing to sign a binding loan agreement.Cash:The borrower should have the ability to generate enough cash, in the form of cash flow, to repay the loan.

This cash flow of borrower can be generated from sales or income, from the sale of liquidation of assets or funds raised by using debt or equity securities.Collateral:The borrower must possess adequate net worth or enough quality assets to provide adequate support for the loan.Conditions:The recent trend of borrower’s line of work or industry must be aware of by the lender.Control:The lender should careful about whether changes in law and regulation could adversely affect the borrower and whether the loan request meets the bank’s and the regulatory authorities’ standards for loan quality.Non-Performing Loan (NPL):Non-Performing loan is a loan which the borrower has missed to pay its scheduled interest payment or payment of the principle amount, generally for at least 90 days. A non-performing loan has much higher risk to default than a normal loan.

If the borrowers start to repay again on their non-performing loan, the loan then becomes performing loan or regular loan; even if they hadn’t repaid the entire missed payment amount. The timeframe of a loan becoming a non-performing loan depends on the category of the loan and also might depend on contract. Generally until 90 days from the scheduled payment day, a loan is considered as a regular loan. If the borrower miss the scheduled payment and pays that amount within 90 days, the loan will not consider as non-performing.

Therefore, a loan will become non-performing if-The borrower missed the scheduled payment and at least 90 days has passed from the missed scheduled payment.No mention of any other terms or of day limits from the first missed payment date about the loan being non-performing.If mentioned in loan contract, the loan will become non-performing according to the contract agreement.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activitiesCorporate Social Responsibility holds the bank accountable for the social, environmental and economic impact of its operations. TBL designs its policies and business practices to reflect the highest standards of corporate governance.

Trust Bank created a Special Reserve Fund by transferring a certain percentage of profit to carry out its CSR activities. Education, Disaster relief, sports, environment and minimizing socioeconomic inequalities have been the major focus.Disaster ReliefThe employees contributed a certain percentage from their salaries to the pool of fund for conducting relief operations in the areas by natural calamities/catastrophes like ”Sidr” and ‘Aila’.Education• A technical training institute affiliated to Bangladesh Technical Education Board has been established to prepare technically skilled human resources to meet both domestic and overseas demands. • Trust Bank assists ‘Shena Shohayok School’, established for disabled and autistic children and it also grants stipend to poor but meritorious students of different educational institutions.EnvironmentIn the process of appraisal of any project and working capital of funding, Trust Bank takes into cognizance whether the concerned project/undertaking will create any environmental hazard or not.

To make the project environmentally viable it prioritizes the leveraging of compliant factors in the project. Sports• The bank sponsors different events at national level. Recently, it has sponsored Taekwondo competition (marshal art) held at the national levelFinancial Inclusion•Micro Finance Scheme had been launched in the bank at its very inception at soft terms and conditions for the least privileged and lower income bracket segment in the defense service.

•The bank also has SME lending activities and designed specific products befitting the requirement to entrepreneur.• The Bank is paying Tk. 3,000 per month to one of ten top artist of ‘Khude Gunraj’ for financial assistance. The payment has been started from March 2009 and will continue up to ten years.

• Establishing healthcare centers for the underprivileged section of the society.Financial Performance: The most important indicator of the Banks’ performance is their financial performance. If any organization is financially sound, it is assumed that organization is sound in its all dimensions. Financial performance is function of the all variables.

The various dimensions of financial performance of The Trust Bank Limited are given below:1238251219200Fixed Assets on 30 June 2018:Financial Highlights: 30 June, 2018SWOT Analysis of Trust Bank Limited (GCB) StrengthsNumber of overseas branches.Friendly environment.Low customer base ensure dedicated attention to each customer.All over Bangladesh are situated in Bank.

It state owned commercial banking system.WeaknessLow rate of interest on deposits.Very few ATM Booths.Very few Branches are internet Banking system.Not enough promotional Activities.Not internet banking all over branches in Bangladesh.OpportunitiesInnovation of new services.

Increasing demand for import export and L/C through proper promotional activities.Enlarging business by opening new branches in over country.ThreatsIncreasing competition by foreign and local banks and especially private bank.Political involvement in decision making.

Forecast of low growth in national economy due to adverse world economic situation and recession.Training Programs of the employees of Trust Bank Limited (Gulshan Corporate Branch) “Training and development is a function of human resource management concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. It has been known by several names, including “Human Resource Development”, “Human Capital Development” and “Learning and Development”. These definitions, of course, are viewed within the context of organizational learning rather than other contexts of training and development.”Training and development encompasses three main activities: training, education, and development.Training: This activity is both focused upon, and evaluated against, the job that an individual currently holds.

Education: This activity focuses upon the jobs that an individual may potentially hold in the future, and is evaluated against those jobs.Development: This activity focuses upon the activities that the organization employing the individual, or that the individual is part of, may partake in the future, and is almost impossible to evaluate.Different types of training organized by HRD division: SOFTWARE TRAININGFlora Banking Software (Head Office and Branch Level)Software Bug Searching (Business Team)In-house Developed Applications TrainingReal Time Problem SolutionNETWORK TRAININGBranch Network SupportIP phone MaintenanceInternet CommunicationAnti-Virus Update and MaintenanceE-mail Server AdminHARDWARE TRAININGBasic Hardware Setup TrainingCARD DIVISION TRAININGAll Visa Related TrainingInternational Visa ComplianceInternal Credit Card MarketingADVANCED TRAINING (ORGANIZED BY TRUST TARINING ACADEMY)To enhance human and conceptual skills of the branch managers or Prospective branch managers.To acquaint the participants with the contemporary management tools and Techniques and process of their application.

To enable the participants to comply with relevant banking laws, Regulation.Management-Concept, Process, Function and Application of Management Tools and Techniques in Branch Management.Management of Branch Activities, Command Area, Performance Planning and Budgeting, Job Description, Job Analysis and Assignment.My Personal Experience: All the departments and employees of Trust Bank Limited (GCB) are truly knowledgeable and well trained to assist each and every client suitably and in the shortest possible time. But Trust Bank Limited (Gulshan Corporate Branch) has recently shifted their branch location. Though the new building is amazing and one of the most beautiful architectural creation of Gulshan, still clients as well as employees are facing difficulties to settle down and cope up in the new location. There has been a communication gap between the IT department and the clients. IT department has sent Text massages to all the enlisted clients of Gulshan Corporate Branch.

But as some of the clients didn’t give their updated cell phone numbers to the employees of Gulshan Corporate Branch, some clients were unaware of the relocation. As it’s a multi storied building it does not have enough parking space allocated for the employees or clients of Trust Bank Gulshan branchCredit department should be much more cautious while sanctioning loans to their valued clients because some of the clients are unable to pay the full amount with interests More advanced Software’s can be added to fulfil clients’ requirements in the shortest possible time.Part 4Review of Related LiteratureIn twenty first century organizations, by and enormous, people pay way more attention to their life style and also the amount of monitory they earn from the work than their predecessors. However, it still remains unclear whether or not several of them would continue operating if it weren’t for the amount of money they earn.

worker expectations of a compensation set up are that it’s fair and equitable, that it provides them with tangible rewards coterminous with their skills, and additional, that it provides recognition and a resource. Service Quality Concept: Fogli (2006) describe service quality as “a international judgment or perspective concerning a selected service; the customer’s overall impression of the relative inferiority or superiority of the organization and its services. Service quality could be a psychological feature judgment”. Mudie and Pirrie (2006) stated that service should have intangibility and Inseparability. intangibility is the main feature of service. Service cannot declare the standard as a result of it can’t be counted, measured, tested, verified within the scale of sale.

Most of the retail banks realize it difficult to grasp however customers contemplate their services and appraise the standard of their services. Inseparability means concurrent production and consumption. there’s a plain distinction between physical product and services in terms of the sequence of production and consumption. Banks ought to realize it before evaluating their services.Services sold We tend to all recognize product are made initial, then keep and eventually sold and consumed. however, services are sold first, then made and consumed at the same time.

Variability is an inevitable consequence of immediate production and consumption as a nonstop method of giving service. the standard of the service might vary sometime counting on who delivers the service or depending on the work load or scenario. Services can’t be keep to sale later.

As services are performances therefore it can’t be keep for future. If demand exceeds supply it cannot meet satisfaction. Equally if capability beats demand, the revenue and worth of that service is lost its importance or need. In today’s competitive corporate world, service quality is representing as a competitive issue of that Organization. Moreover, it helps a corporation to differentiate themselves from alternative Organization and to realize sustainable competitive advantage. Service Quality in Retail Banking Industry:Ensuring quality service is extremely vital in retail banking sector.

a number of the reviewed literatures are given below: Bahia and Nantel (2000) conducted a research on developing a legitimate measurement of real service quality within the Retail Banking sector in Canada and that they claimed that the SERVQUAL approach continuously should face the critics; so, they developed a replacement measurement for superficial service quality in Retail Banking. They projected a scale to measure the standard of the service in banking sector that was known as Bank Service Quality (BSQ). It includes thirty-one things categorized in six dimensions as: 1. effectiveness and assurance, 2. access, 3. price, 4. tangibles, 5. range of services offered by the bank and 6.

accuracy and dependability. They evidenced that the scopes of BSQ are more reliable than the measurements of SERVQUAL. Finally, they complete that SERVQUAL measure is the best measure of service quality in banking industry. Angur et al (1999) also declared that SERVQUAL measure is the finest measure to check the standard within the retail industry of developing countries like Bangladesh. this is why, most of the researchers use the SERVQUAL measure within the retail industry. From this above discussion I’d prefer to conclude that SERVQUAL continues to be appropriate as a valuation tool to measure the service quality in the Bangladesh’s banking sector. Customer Satisfaction in Retail BankingCustomer Satisfaction is one of the foremost vital values in literature promoting of retail banking.

It serves to link the processes of purchase and consumption and to make sure post purchase phenomena like attitude modification and brand loyalty (Surprenant and Churchill, 1982). In today’s competitive business market, several banks are that specialize in maintaining a loyal consumer or client. In selling literature, Service Quality and client Satisfaction are conceptualized as a unique, however connected ideas. there’s additionally a positive relationship between this two concepts (Beerli et al., 2004). The relationship between client satisfaction and service quality is controversial. Some researchers argued that service quality is that the originator of client satisfaction, whereas others claimed the reverse relationship.

Customers in developing countries like Bangladesh seem to consider the “technological issues” of services as a vital service factor and also consider systematization of the delivery in services as the benchmark of differentiating good and bad service. Training and Compensation a for the employeesCompensation is considered as an essential part in today’s Human Resource Management (HRM) of each organizations and it’s additionally allotted to send message to workers regarding what the organizations believe and value for worker encouragement. For employers, the compensation typically signifies a generous percentage of operational costs. several employers read this only as a cost, however fail to think about the strategic advantages of any organization and benefit plan. Motivation within the work force is an important component for a company’s survival. workers are valuable resource that contribute in varied alternative ways to a company’s daily activities and supply them an acceptable chance Morgan (1997).

To achieve success each company wants the work force which will perform powerfully to realize organizational goals and even have a powerful desire to stay loyal to the company; Molander (1996). to keep employees’ devotion and dedication, motivation is a must. Moreover, motivation is anticipated to finish work and increase productivity and job satisfaction Schultz and Schultz (1998). workers with high level of motivation have a tendency to work hard and attain results in leads to their work as compared to the workforces with low level of motivation.AnalysisIn the Regression Analysis, it is observed that the independent variables that affect the dependant variables (Customer Satisfaction) are Reliability, Assurance, Responsiveness and Empathy.

  All of these variables have a positive correlation with the dependant variable. However, the independent variable Tangibility also moves in the same direction but does not affect the dependant variable in the linear equation. In the ANNOVA table, the F value is 114.927 and the significance level of the F value is 0.00.

In the Model Summary Table, it can be found out that Adjusted R square value is .827 which shows the Regression Model has very good predictive power.In the Independent Sample t test, it is observed that the mean value of both males and females satisfaction of the service quality vary significantly.  The mean value of females is 2.95 whereas the mean value of males is 2.

40. It can be concluded the females slightly have a higher degree of satisfaction than males.  On a scale of 1 to 5, as the females have a mean value close to 3, it can be said that the females are moderately satisfied whereas the males are lowly satisfied.In the ANNOVA tests, the service quality satisfaction level in different locations was analyzed. The mean for the Motijheel branch is 1.85(N=53, std. Deviation = .

907). The mean for the Gulshan branch is 3.43(N=35, std.

Deviation = .778). The mean for the Dhanmondi branch is 4.22(N=18, std.

Deviation = .428). The mean for the other branch is 1.

21(N=14, std. Deviation = .426). The mean value was different in almost all of the branches.The mean values for Motijheel and Other branches were very low and below 2. The highest value was found for Dhamondi Branch with a value of 4.22. Gulshan Branch had a moderate value of 3.

43 showing moderate levels of satisfaction.  In the ANNOVA table, the F value is 71.994 with degrees of freedom of 3.In the Chi square test, the Chi Square Value is 8.255 with 2 degrees of freedom. The Asymptomatic Significance (i.e. the P-value) is 0.016 (which is less than 0.05) which shows that it is significant. Hence there is a goodness of fit between the data sets. However, the Phi and Crammers values were very low (.262) which showed the test was very weak.Finding of study The banking should completely be operated through online. Though it is online banking facilities in some branches, but still some works are being done manually, which should be eliminated gradually and it will automatically give more efficiency in service.Employees training should be conducted so that they will be more professional and efficient to deal with problem customers and problematic situations.Individual attention should be given to customers in order to better understand their needs and better satisfy them.City BANK should pursue a positive advertising campaign in order to build up a strong image and reputation among potential customers. TV ads should be aired to reach a wider array of customers. The ads should capitalize on building strong relationship, needs of customers and quality service of the bank rather than features of products.CBL should arrange the monthly seminar or workshop on the vest area of Foreign Exchange business and its contemporary issues for the branch’s officer. Certainly this workshop will motivate them.Head office of this bank should supply necessary prospectus about the information of the bank for the clients. Although every table of every section is capable of supplying the various information about the bank but this task is generally preformed by the front desk or account opening section. However this section is found always busy. Therefore, if CBL wants to perform this task in more efficiently the branch should keep a Reception Section. ConclusionThe City Bank Ltd. went through a massive restructuring process during the year 2006.  During that period, the bank took some important initiatives (i.e. Centralization, one stop service training, know your customer profile, mystery shoppers etc.) to improvise its customer service quality. However, even after taking such steps the bank still could not change its service quality image completely in its consumer minds.This study shows that except few exceptions, CBL consumers possess very low satisfaction level in terms of customer service. The report also shows that the level of customer satisfaction varies from branch to branch. While Dhanmondi branch, rated as the best customer service provider, other branches scored to be moderate or very low in terms of customer satisfaction. The reason behind this fact is that previously CBL failed to establish a uniform service quality standard within their organization and the branches served their customers according to their own method. However, The City Bank Ltd. has recently been transformed in to a Centralized bank. And performances of branches like Dhanmondi & Gulshan can be taken as ideal examples.RecommendationsIn my short span of internship program, I have gained practical experiences about foreign exchange activities from starting a deal to preparation of monthly report about it. I had discovered few things from day to day operations. In light of that I make followingOperation management of TBL has to be decentralized to make their decisions with moreresponsibility. Regular performance appraisal and assurance of promotion/reward should depend onthat they will resist the employee’s switching tendency. Software up gradation is a necessity to enhance performance and to compete withother PCBs. Space shortage is another problem for foreign exchange department because they hadto store all the papers of any transaction. Yearly financial report has to be published only for foreign exchange activities indetails. Trust Bank can open new branches in places where people of that region lives abroadand send money to their families.Conclusions:”Banks and financial institutions play an important role in the process of economic growth ofCountry. Given their considerable economic potential, these institutions have a far – reachingimpact on the development and welfare process of the surrounding societies. These financialInstitutions depend, in accumulating their financial resources, basically on the inflow of deposits. In order to survive and achieve success, these banks endeavor to attract clients in search of loans to finance their different activities according to the banks established terms and conditions.These banks, which are called commercial banks, depend in their transactions on the interest rate, as the driving factor, which stimulates all their dealings. In a developing country like Bangladesh, banking business is very much competitive. More than fifty banks are operating at this moment and competing to hold maximum market share. For a smoothen operation every bank must have the capability of managing asset/liability, liquidity.The financial performance evaluation demonstrates that the profitability of the bank has a positive trend. Profitability is an indicator of a bank’s capacity to carry risk and / or to increase its capital. The income statement, a key source of information on a bank’s profitability, as well as the analysis reveals that Trust Bank Ltd. has – attained significant amount of profitability over the years. With a limited number of branch network, it has recorded positive growth in net profit because of proper management and right selection of investment criteria. The bank has strong core deposit signifying sound liquidity position and maintaining an ideal scenario in advance-deposit ratio. Overall financial picture of Trust Bank Ltd. for the last five-year period shows that it has positively set its root in the financial arena of Bangladesh. The figures do not tell the story of failure. The trend is in favor of Trust Bank Ltd. and the management should take initiative to keep the bank’s way to the success”.


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