1. of the change process. Theoretical models


Introduction In the present dynamic business world, when changes are not handled properly strainsthe ability of entrepreneurs to improve the business of creating and maintaining competitiveadvantage. Several organizations tend to adapt and change continuously to remain competitiveand effective. Latest statistics says that one out of three efforts towards organizational changeis successful by the leaders. Implementation of a successful change program is full of challengesand the change management process remains highly difficult. change is considered anopportunity to strengthen the business by aligning operations with strategy, take new risks andadvance careers. Change is not implemented in a single moment, and likewise the role ofbusiness leaders in managing change should not be reduced to a single event. The manager’srole in change must be active and visible in all phases of the change process.

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Theoretical modelsof change management are the main aspects in implementing rapid change. The objective ofthis essay is to discuss the challenges in the change management, which has become one of themost important issues for HR managers in today’s world. The organization of the essay willstart with a discussion of the two change models and their challenges related to changemanagement.

Finally, the essay will provide recommendations and suggestions that can behelpful for management of change in the present business world. Perspective Organizational Organizational IndividualIndividual Table 1.1.: Research questions (own illustration)1 How does organizational culture affect change management? Research Questions2 How is organizational structure a determinant in change management process? 3  How does leadership affect change management 4  How do resources have effects on change management 2. Theoretical Foundations Change management is a basic skill that most leaders and managers should be competentand ready to accept. Moreover, managerial interest in the topic has been stimulated by thecomments of Peter Drucker as to whether one can manage change at all or merely lead orfacilitate its occurrence within an organization.

Typically, the objective is to maximize thecollective efforts of all people involved in the change and minimize the risk of failure ofimplementing the change. Change is not implemented in a single moment, and the role ofleaders managing change should not be reduced to an event. The manager’s role in change mustbe active in all phases of the change process. There are four types of change that an organizationgoes through with the possibility of overlap among each phase.

Operational changes can affectthe way in which the business operations are conducted. Strategic changes occur when thedirection or the strategy in which the business performed is affected. Cultural changes affectthe organizational rules such as the way the business is conducted. Political changes occurprimarily due to changes that happen on top levels in the organization, those working on thebottom level often notice the change at the top. 


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