1 as perusing social content while breaking down

1 Introduction Cartoons are a ground-breaking correspondence weapon, However, they can likewise give social editorials on key parts of the real world,(Mateus, 2016.) Cartoons are rearranged or misrepresented adaption or explanation of something particularly with regards to governmental issues and social issues. The part of cartoons shown in the public platform as proposed by Medhurst and Desousa (1982) Are for entertainment, aggression, agenda setting and framing.

Cartoons are commonly used in politics to convey a message to society about burning issues, the cartoon can be educational. There is another definition given by Edwards and Winkler (1982) A graphic presentation typical designed in one panel, non-continuing format to make an independent statement or observation of political events or social policy. In this assignment, I am going to break down a cartoon as perusing social content while breaking down cartoon there are things that must be looked in to, for example, Symbolism, Juxtaposition, Captioning and labels and so forth. The cartoon that I am dealing with is about ”Our Education System”2 THEME OF CARTOON A theme of the cartoon is that our education system is unfair. It doesn’t work for general students. Teachers anticipate that all students will do great without realising that we have distinctive characteristics, abilities, needs.

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”most states have drawn up structures and targets to which teachers. It is one-size fit all system which means that one teacher stands in front of twenty learners each and every one has different intellectual qualities. For instance ”for fair selection everybody must take the same exam; please climb that tree, which is uncalled for when you take a close look at those diverse animals that are on figure 1. This demonstrates that our educational programs intended to make teachers teach in a way that is required by educational programs designees. Figure 1 shows that our education system does not fulfil the needs of all students.

Critics bring up that there is no evidence that a national educational program would raise accomplishment (Kohn, 2001). In the cartoon, we have distinctive animals imply as students. It demonstrates that some animals won’t have the capacity to climb the tree considering their physical characteristics. The theme of figure 1 can likewise be the character is that a few animals (learners) don’t have to learn because of their leave in the tree. Also, it will be unjustifiable to those animals (learners in national programs of the education system) since they don’t live in the tree like other animals the cartoon. Albert Einstein once said that ”everyone’s a genius, however, if you judge a fish by its capacity to climb the tree it will carry on with as long as it can remember trusting that is doltish”. This education system whereby one teacher stand in front of twenty kids each and everyone having a diverse strain, dreams, and the educator educate similar things in a similar way (Prince, Ea,2016)3 MEANING BEHIND The meaning behind the cartoon is that South-African uses national educational programs that is one size fits all. South-African is confronted with test since you can’t create a nation without greater nature of education.

”One size fits all system that South-Africa uses often produce clueless learners” (Mbiza, 2018). Figure 1 demonstrates that the educational programs that South-Africa uses regardless of paralogical strategy that is utilised. As Rawls (1971) theory of just education is the key criteria of equity. However, if the education system is vile it will troublesome for a country to create a just society, meaning South-Africa education system must recognize that students in schools Have distinctive abilities, dream, a technique of learning. The meaning behind the cartoon is that South-African must look for an alternative strategy that can be implemented in our education system, with the goal that we won’t compel fish to climb a tree.

This influence students to wind up a trust that education isn’t helpful. Meaning of the cartoon is that South-Africa’s education system should be taken a gander at because it does not meet the desire or target that gathered be the result of national educational programs. Figure 1 accentuation that learning is a teacher- centred while it was supposed to be learner-centred as indicate by Killen (2017).

Students learn successfully when the lesson is learner-centred. Teachers do not make what must be taught they simply take after the national curriculum.4 PURPOSE OF CARTOON Purpose of the cartoon the cartoon is to advise individual about South-Africa’s education system that is organised incorrectly whereby one teacher stands in front of 35 students every student having diverse aptitudes, ability, dreams. The reason for the cartoon is to show that South-Africa is not doing justice to all students. The is to visualise how the classroom looks like when (one-size-fits-all) is put in motion. The motivation behind the cartoon is to pass a message that the educational system is out of line and South-Africa must find another way of teaching that will be beneficiary for all students. The cartoon is to enable us to see that one-size-fits-all is a scholarly harsh claiming we are born with a specific blessing, meaning that learners are unique and acquire the education with different attitudes.

The government allows tests that are not favourable and unjustifiable when you look at figure1 for a reasonable determination everyone needs to take a similar exam, it would be ideal if you climb that tree, which is unthinkable for a few animals for instead elephant. South-Africa’s education system with the goal that it is progressive and delivers great quality students that are proficient and knowledgeable. 5 TECHNIQUES USED BY CARTOONIST Symbolism Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.

Symbolism help creates meaning and emotion in the cartoon. As in figure 1 animals symbolism students in a classroom of a national educational program.Captioning and labels Captioning and labels are a title, short clarification or portrayal going with a representation photographic. The little is our education system.Irony Irony as indicated by Eric Partridge ”irony comprises in expressing the opposite of what is implied”. Which means the opposite of what is said, in this case animals are comprises as students.

Juxtaposition Juxtaposition when place two, or more thing to compare or contrast them . In figure 1 the cartoonist place animals close together so that we will be able to see which animals are capable of climb the tree. The metaphor is that for a fair selection everybody has to take the same exam ; please climb that tree, which means learners have to take the same exam without taking in to account of their different intellectual qualities. Technical Aspects Facial expression are the character’s thought’s feeling and emotion, facial expression of a monkey in figure 1 shows that perhaps the monkey is happy, it has the advantage of climb the tree. Light and dark utilization of dark shading and clear area to make an impact.

The dark shade in figure 1 particularly imply to the tree and hills, I think it suggest that the dissatisfaction that the cartoonist have towards our education system. Speech bubbles hang around the head of anything for example, in figure 1 the words said by the educator. CONCLUSIONCartoon can be funny however, they bring the reality of the world. Most of the cartoons are dealing with government issues and social issues.

Cartoon are design to entertainment, aggression-reduction, agenda setting and framing. Cartoon are structure In away that we will be able to understand the message that the cartoonist is passing without having to read a lot of words or paragraph, however I learned that the are thing that you have to take in to account when analysing the cartoon things like the theme of the cartoon, the meaning behind the cartoon, the purpose of the cartoon so forth.


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