1. It is produced from the leaves

1. Albania is the country with the highest cocaine use.2. Colombia is the highest producer of cocaine in the world.3. It is produced from the leaves of Erythroxylon coca. 4. Coca plant is native to South America.

5. Cocaine is the strongest central nervous stimulant of all.6.

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Cocaine is called crack because impure cocaine makes cracking sound when heated.7. In 1884, an Austrian doctor, Karl Koller used cocaine as an anesthetic for an eye operation.8. After cocaine person feels more alertness, energy, and confidence.9.

Crack is the most addictive form of Cocaine.10. Sigmund Fraud used to suggest cocaine for depression and alcoholism.11. In US cocaine is the second most illegal drug consumed by the people, first is marijuana.

12. Around 21 million people consume cocaine around the world.13. Some people mix cocaine and heroin to get high quickly and it is called speedball.14.

In 1859 first pure cocaine was extracted from the coca plant.15. Asia has the lowest record of cocaine consumption.16. Cocaine is known by different names like coke, C, Stardust, white dust etc.

17. In 1863, cocaine was marketed as fortified wine in France.18. Sharing the needles and straws for cocaine can cause AIDS, Hepatitis C, and B.19.

Cocaine comes in 3 forms- crack, freebase, and cocaine hydrochloride.20. Cocaine can be smoked, injected or snorted.21.

The deaths due to cocaine are three times more than consumption of any other drugs.22. Coca leaves were used thousands of years earlier for its euphoric effects. 23. People who consume cocaine are more likely to become antisocial, depressed and also start consuming other drugs.24.

Men do more cocaine than women.25. A person can get addicted to cupcakes as cocaine.26. Coca-Cola once contained nine milligrams of cocaine in one serving.27.

Cocaine has a faster effect on male than female.28. Cocaine makes you high in just 10 seconds.29. Chronic consumption of cocaine can destroy the nose cartilage which separates the nostrils.30.

Research data says that pregnant women who use cocaine more likely to give birth to premature babies. Babies are born with low birth weight and defects of the brain.31. To make 1 kg of cocaine, 500 kgs of coca leaves are needed.32.

Processed food and high-sugar contained food are more addictive than cocaine.33. About 400,000 babies in the US are born addicted to cocaine.34. Cocaine is called as “perfect heart attack drug” because it increases blood pressure, stiffs the blood vessels and enlarges the heart.35. To increase the quantity of cocaine for sell, dealers often mix sugar, talcum powder, cornstarch etc.

36. Sherlock Holmes used to consume cocaine when there were no stimulating cases.37. Chronic use of cocaine cause bruxism (grinding of teeth).38. Cocaine consumption causes dry mouth and dehydration and ultimately less saliva in the mouth which causes tooth decay.39. Alcohol and cocaine is the deadliest combination that can kill a person.

40. The illegal cocaine market earns about $100-$500 billion dollars in a year worldwide.41. Hitler was addicted to cocaine.42. four out of five US dollar bills have traces of cocaine on it.

It is powder and spread very easily but traces don’t mean that the bill was used for snorting cocaine.43. Chronic cocaine use can lead to loss of person’s ability to smell.

44. Tolerance to cocaine develops quickly as compare to other drugs. You need a higher dose to get high as high as last time.45. In the UK 90% of public baby changing tables contain traces of cocaine.46. The scientists are developing anti-cocaine vaccines.

47. Cocaine consumption increases the chances of getting a heart attack by 2400%.48. Snorting is the most common way for cocaine intake.49.

2,500 Americans try cocaine every day for the first time.50. A person can get addictive to cocaine even after their first time.

51. Ancient Inca civilization believed that cocaine is the gift of the God.52. People between the age of 18 and 25 are the highest consumer of cocaine in the US.53. 37% of world’s cocaine is consumed by the US alone. 54. Cocaine production cost $700/kg but it is sold for about $100/gram.

55. Dopamine level increases by 250% after cocaine intake whereas sex increases dopamine by 100% and food-50%.56. Addiction develops more quickly when cocaine is consumed in the crystalline form.57. Two-thirds of all countries consume cocaine.58. In Australia, a gram of cocaine can cost 207 Euros whereas, in Brazil, it can cost only 9 Euros.

59. during the filming of the movie, The Empire Strikes Back, Carrie Fisher was addicted to cocaine. 60. A US manufacturer in 1885 sold cocaine with the words that it will make you brave, more expressive and also insensitive to pain.


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