On next day at room

1. On next day at room temperature films were dipped in 0.5mM N719 dye solution in dark for 24 Hrs. 2.

The normal tansperant tape was cut and spread on glass plate with two layers. A small area 0.4mm2 hole was cut on tape. I check hole in film and put the sealent prepared on dye adsorbed film.

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3. one drop electrolyte was added on small open area of sealent.4. The counter Pt electrode (4 ohm ) was put on photoanode. The cell was packed using binder clips. Crocodile pin of Keithly multimeter red end was connected to photoanode and black was connected to Pt electrode.

(I tried reverse also)5. The readings were taken in dark condition as well as in light ON condition.6. The checking was done with Pin 60mW in pune university and in CMET, Baner


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