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1.0 INTRODUCTION OF THE LEADER Mr. Lee Thiam Wah who was born in 1954 is actually a disabled person that has been wheelchair- bound since eight months old. At barely eight months old, he was diagnosed with poliomyelitis and lost the use of his legs.

Mr. Lee Thiam Wah had only six years of formal education since his parents had the financial problem so six years of primary school was they can afford for Mr. Lee and also to support his 10 siblings. However, he is the founder and Managing Director of 99 speedmart which consists a chain of 570 outlets and rakes in RM2.1 billion annual revenue.

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At first, he started out selling snacks by the roadside, eventually saving RM17,000 by age 23 to start a various of shop. This was a beginning to him has allowed him to gain first-hand knowledge into the various retail market through personal interactions with customers and suppliers. In 1992, Lee sold the business off for RM38,000 and opened a 99 mini-market in Klang Utama, that was his first step he took to realize his vision of building a integrated chain of mini marts. With his hard work , lee has expanded 99 mini-market to eight other outlets in Klang via the chain store format. After seeing the growing popularity of 99 mini-market, lee rebranded the name of the store to 99 Speedmart in 2000. Lee chose the number 99 because it implies that even though they are not perfect, they still aim to offer the customers the best services and products they have at competitive price. That also remind them that there is always room for they to improve. 99 Speedmart received its first consumer choice award from the ministry of domestic trade, Malaysia in 2006.

Even while facing the toughest challenges and crisis, he was always positive ang sought to conduct business in the most ethical manner, creating trust and honesty among his outlets and his suppliers. Lee has never skipped his weekly outlets visit or daily company operation with his management team. In order to achieve the company’s mission, lee is consumer-centric by supplying daily used products with reasonable pricing.2.0 ROLES OF MANAGERSRole refers to the behaviour that is expected in a particular situation. As a leader, its required at all levels such as in the top level they have to cooperate in make plans of the organization while in the middle and lower level they have to encourage them to make the execution of plans run smoothly.INTERPERSONAL ROLES Interpersonal roles is a interactions and relationship between members of the organization and other constituents. Interpersonal roles have three roles played by the manager are figurehead, leader and liaison.

Figurehead is a have social, ceremonial and legal responsibilities. You’re expected to be a source of inspiration. Besides, figurehead also provides inspiration by sharing the mission and vision of the organization. As the head of the organization unit, managers perform certain duties that are primarily ceremonial in nature. For example, Mr. lee thiam wah had join the celebration of its 30th anniversary by opened its 1000th store of 99 Speedmart in section 13, Shah Alam last month.

Leader means where you provide leadership for your department or perhaps your entire organization and it’s where you manage the performance and responsibilities of everyone in the group. Leader as the act of directing goals and evaluating employee performance by mentoring, training and motivating to improve their skills. For the example, Mr.

lee thiam wah was providing training and other learning opportunities to their employees to inspire and motivate them to perform the function of their position. Liaison is a way to managers must communicate with internal and external contacts. You need to be able to network effectively on behalf of your organization. Being politically sensitive to important organizational issues helps them develop relationships and networks both within and beyond their organization.

For example, Mr lee have coordinate the activities with their employees and also develop relstionship between outside constituents.INFORMATIONAL ROLES. Informational roles are want to make the managers to be more responsible for ensuring that the people with who they work have sufficient informationt do their job effectively. Informational roles has include monitor, disseminator, and spokesperson. Monitor is a way to manager that they have to regularly has to look for information related to the organization and also looking for relevant changes in the environment. Besides, managers also have to monitor their employee, in term both their productivity, and their well being.

In example, Mr. lee will monitor his employees by holding a monthly discussion in every month so from that discussion he can see the performance of their employees from every single time. Disseminator means share the important information about the organization to the all employee for make sure that they can perform on their position. For example, Mr. lee always share about the performance and problems of 99 Speedmart to all the employee to make sure that they can motivate and improve their work. Spokesperson is a communicate information about the organization and goals to the people outside it. To be more effective managers has to represent and speak that for the organization.

For example, Mr. lee have to represent their goals to the people outside to make sure they can support the business.DECISIONAL ROLES. Decisional roles is the process that mangers can reach the conclusion of their organization. Decisional roles include entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resources allocator, and negotiator. Entrepreneur means person that handling a business and taking risks in the business involve.

Besides they also the person who make the innovation for the well-being of their own organization. For example, Mr lee was an entrepreneur since age 27 years so he had many experience through ups and down in his business until now he succed in their business because he is not afraid to take risk. Disturbance handler is a every business is bound to be a problem so as their leader, it should examine the problems that are emerging effectively both for the short and long-term issues related to the problems of workers as well as organizational problems. For example, Mr. lee as a leader of the 99 speedmart have solve all of the problems based on experience that he had before.

Resource allocator is a way to manager determine the best source and use the resource in the best way possible to achieve the goals that have been plan. So it is the important thing to rationally allocate funds in the organization operating budget among the employees. For example, Mr lee had find the best quality of resources in the 99 speedmart to make sure that he can achieve goals that he made for the organization. Negotiator is the important thing needed to manager to take part in a certain situation because mangers also may negotiate with employees, suppliers, customers, or other work groups.

For example, Mr lee has to negotiate with the suppliers to make sure that they can get the best qualities with the small cost. 3.0 SKILLS NEEDED AT DIFFERENT LEVEL OF TOP MANAGEMENT3.1 CONCEPTUAL SKILL A person who has the ability to thinks effectively and see the overall relevance of either between each department and the organization. Besides, they also have the ability to process information about internal and external and determine the solutions. For example, Mr. lee have set the strategic direction of the organization about the resources of the store and also the skills of his employees from the experience that he had in the small business until he success.3.

2 HUMAN SKILL Ability to work effectively with your own working group as well as others in the organization. In addition, they also have the experiance in managing group performance as they have the skills to communicate well. For example, Mr. lee as a leader of the organization every week do meeting with his employees to talk about the business and also improve their work to gain more profit.3.3 TECHNICAL SKILLS.

Knowledge and ability of a person in handling a task. As a leader of the organization they have to know about the financial ramification and also other effects of the technical parts of the organization. So they can also improve the performance of their employees based on their knowledge.

In this example, from the experience he had experienced at the same time, he also learned from what he experienced and he had practiced it in his business and also provided guidance to his employees. 4.0 POLC COULD HELP LEADER MANAGE THEIR ORGANIZATION EFFECTIVELY. POLC stands for planning, organizing, leading and controlling in the management function. These basic function has been useful over time to help leader manage their organization effectively and also useful way to attempt to leaders as they attempt to achive their goals of the organization.

Firstly, planning is a guideline undertaken by the leader as a step towards achieving the goals that have been created for the business. In addition, planning is also important to make decisions and solve problems in order not to run away from the goals set. Planning can also help the leader to determine the needs of its resources and its distribution in a more systematic manner. Therefore, planning can also prevent the organization from risk of failure by making estimates and arrangements in revenue and costs involved in the organization. Thus, entrepreneurs will study and evaluate planned business viability based on updated information before making a decision to start it. For example, Mr Lee has been planning about the target to expand its market internationally with in a year. Organizing is a process of looking for work that needs to be done either for short term or long term in the manner in which the assignment has been assigned to the responsible employee. By organizing we can improve the organization’s performance with the best quality.

besides, organizing also can make employees perform their responsibilities more quickly because of the way the systematic arrangements have been made by the leader. for example, mr. lee had to arrange the way employees work for their employees so that make the employees can complete their work quickly and in good quality.

Leadership is the process of influencing or giving examples by leaders to their followers in an effort to achieve organizational goals. In this regard the leader is expected as part of his role to give motivate or instruction. To be effective leaders, managers have to understand the dynamics of individual and group behaviour, to be able to motivate their employees to achieve the objectives. They must be capable of understanding and predicting what will happen in the future. For example, Mr. lee had motivate their employees by sharing the vision and guiding, empowering, and influencing them achieve the vision. Lastly, controlling is an important function in the managerial process because it provides a method for ensuring that the organization is moving toward the achievement of its goals.

Besides, managers need to know what is important and not important to the organization before making any decisions so they can determine which ones need to be first based on the current situation to ensure that goals are achieved within the specified time. For example, Mr. Lee has to control their employees to do the work effectively to make sure that the goals of the organization can be achive.MGT400 INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENTMANAGERIAL ROLES AND SKILLS IN AN ORGANIZATION PREPARED BY : ANIS HAZWANI BINTI ALIASSTUDENTS ID : 2018200286IC NUMBER : 991019026068CLASS : AC2201ALECTURER’S NAME : PN. NOR INTAN SHAMIMI ABDUL AZIZCONTENTSSUBTOPIC PAGE1.0 INTRODUCTION TO THE LEADER 12.0 LEADER’S ROLES2.1 INTERPERSONAL ROLES2.2 INFORMATIONAL ROLES2.3 DECISIONAL ROLES2 – 33.0 LEADER’S SKILLS3.1 CONCEPTUAL SKILLS3.2 HUMAN SKILLS3.3 TECHNICAL SKILLS 3 – 44.0 POLC FUNCTIONS COULD HELP LEADER MANAGE THEIR ORGANIZATION EFFECTIVELY 4 – 5


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