1. Primary Research
1.1. Create data for the required medium in this case for UPS and Off grid
1.1.1. This can be done by one of the three methods :
a. Analyse SAIFI, SAIDI to create a reliability map(if possible).
b. Interview the current UPS industry leaders for extrapolation of market value ( Referring to MCA provided data and confirming the same)
c. Analyse data by giving out forms through mediums and understanding data at consumer level.
a. Correlation from above data.
b. Create market models for the same under various scenarios of growth.
2. Secondary Research
2.1. Create database for the companies performing in market in UPS industry using reports from reputed firms and also form MCA (company balance sheets) reports.
2.2. Extract all possible data for SAIFI/SAIDI indices from DISCOM data. (will be helpful for approximation of reliability)
2.3. Analyse performance of previous attempts at the same type of product.
2.4. Targeted companies for UPS industry:


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