1. healthy development is suitable physical activity (exercises).

1. The healthy child development greatly impacts the phase of early childhood because there is a direct link of emotional, social and physical growth to overall development of a child.

There are many thing which can lead to better healthy child development like nutrition, vaccination, sleep routines, proper parenting, and spending time with a kid. For an instance proper nutrition will provide short and long term effects. Early nutrition in a child helps in proper functioning of brain, an increase in muscle mass, body formation. Metabolism of hormones, glucose, lipids and proteins can also be maintained by proper diet in early childhood. Providing appropriate immunization lead to a disease free body and also supplies the energy to do work. Another very most important thing that can be a reason of healthy development is suitable physical activity (exercises).

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There are several benefits of physical activities in early childhood. Likewise better bone and heart health. It can also stimulate children’s brains and social skills too. Early childhood is not only the development of brain but a critical window of opportunity for setting up the children’s immunity and, hence the healthy child development is the foundation of good health and prime productivity in the future.


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