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1. Describe organisational policies, procedures and levels of authority in maintaining office equipment.When an office equipment breaks like our computers or printers, we must first act ourselves and try to resolve the problems as it might just need another generic action to fix it. For example, If the printer is jammed, I can do everything that I can do to be able to fix it but if it is not working, I will need to call the IT guys so that they can try to resolve the problem.

If the It guys cannot fix it also, they will have to call the manufacturer so that they will be able to send someone down to fix the printer.2. Describe how to use different types of office equipment.Copier: When you are using the copier, you will need to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of paper in the paper tray so that you will not need to add more paper in the copier mid-way through your copying. You must make sure that all clips and staples are out of the papers that you are copying as they can get caught in the copier and potentially causing damage to top the copier. You must make sure that everything is set up proper, for example; you will need to make sure that the documents that you want to copy is on the right way to be able to copy it properly. Printing: When you are using the printer, you will also need to ensure that the paper tray has enough paper in it to be able to print all of your documents without having to stop mid-way to refill on paper. We must make sure that our computer is connected to the right printer so that we will never be confused on which printer we have printed on.

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We must check if we have our printing options on coloured or black & white so that we will not need to reprint our documents.


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