1.1 multiple employees. Within GBE Converge many methods


1 Explain Why Different Communication Methods are Used in the Business Environment.Effective communication is pivotal to the straightforward running of an organisation. When communication has taken place accurately, the deliverer and receiver will both have acquired the same information. Within a business environment, certain situations and scenarios will require different methods of communication. For example, a one-to-one or team meeting is most valuable when carried out face-to-face as this is the best way to make sure a point is understood by your colleague(s). on the other hand, if a company wants to distribute a newsletter, this does not need to be as personal as a face-to-face. It can simply be sent out over email. More important and personal issues within an organisation tend to be communicated face-to-face, whereas less significant company wide matters will be issued on a large scale to multiple employees.

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Within GBE Converge many methods of communication are sourced as we can have face-to-face meetings in our meeting rooms and are also able to send out a newsletter to both organisations via Outlook.1.2 Describe the Communication Requirements of Different Audiences.Your style of communication should be adjusted and adapted depending on the target audience and audience mood.

This is decided by considering which form of communication would be the most necessary whether it be written or verbal communication. There are many requirements that might have to be catered for when communicating. The requirements could be: age, gender, ethnicity, ETC.

As an example, younger people have much shorter attention spans, whereas older people would be more patient and able to be engaged for a longer period. The style of communication may have to also be altered for an audience. Louder speaking and bigger text may be needed for an older audience, to make sure that they receive all necessary information.

when we are communicating something as an organisation we make sure that the information is accessible and understandable to all recipients.1.3 Explain the Importance of Using Correct Grammar, Sentence Structure, Punctuation, Spelling and Conventions in Business Communications.Grammar – The idea of using correct grammar is to make sure that what is written can be easily understood.

A sentence or paragraph littered with grammatical errors can be very hard to read or maybe cause a misunderstanding. The use of correct grammar when speaking or writing helps people achieve a better understanding of the point.


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