1. the human body that is not

1. There is not a single organ in the human body that is not destroyed by alcohol.

2. All alcoholic “products” necessarily contain ethyl alcohol.3. Loss of intelligence, memory, absent-mindedness, schizophrenia, all sorts of psychopathology are typical of drinking people and children of drug addicts and alcoholics.4.

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Alcoholism leads to early aging.5. There are many countries where alcohol consumption and alcohol selling is illegal.

6. Norway has introduced a system for recording the amount of alcohol consumed by each citizen.7. The strongest beer in the world is Brewmeister Snake Venom, at 67.5 % of alcohol. 8. The most popular beverage in the world is vodka. 9.

In 0.5 liters of beer, a glass of wine or a shot of vodka contains approximately the same amount of alcohol.10. Almost 20% of suicides are attributed to people in a state of intoxication at the conclusion of forensic medical examination.11. More than 75% of all rapes, murders, robberies are committed by illegal drunken acts.12. The survey among adolescents addicted to alcoholic beverages revealed that 69.

3% of them study badly, 24.5% are mediocre and only 6.2% have ratings above the average.13. Alcohol poisoning is the third most popular cause of death.14. Women develop liver diseases faster than men due to overconsumption of alcohol.15.

A glass of dry wine can adversely affect intellectual abilities, suppressing the process of thinking for 12-15 days. 16. If you drink a couple of times a month on a regular basis, the intellect will have understated indicators constantly.17.

Women absorb alcohol faster than man and metabolize slower than men. 18. Excessive alcohol consumption by men can cause impotency. 19. Pregnant women who drinks alcohol regularly, risks the babies with fetal alcohol syndrome.20.

4 out of every 5 students have consumed alcohol by the end of their high school. 21. There are many countries which allow alcohol consumption from age 16.22. There are traces that alcohol was produced 12,000 ago.

23. Czech Republic, Germany, and Ireland have the highest beer consumers. 24.

There is no fat, cholesterol in alcoholic beverages but it contains lots of calories. 25. Bad decisions, poor judgments and emotions are natural outcomes when you are drunk.26. On one of the French vineyards the soil has such a value that the workers must clean the shoes before leaving so as not to accidentally carry the soil on the sole.

27. Sometimes doctors recommend drinking alcohol because of its diuretic effect with kidney stones;28. Scientists has proved that for faster removal of alcohol from the body it is better to stay awake than to “sleep off”;29. People with a large muscle mass have better resistance to alcohol30.

One of the most famous nondrinkers was Adolf Hitler.31. The speed of champagne corks leaving the neck reaches 95 km / h.32. Annually 5 billion liters of vodka is consumed in the world.33. During the flu epidemic in Mexico, patients who were ill because of a lack of antibiotics were recommended to drink tequila with a snack in the form of lemon and salt.

34. In Russia more than 1 million people die each year due to alcohol abuse.35. Fast falling asleep after drinking alcohol is directly related to the toxic effect of alcohol on the brain. 36. In small concentrations, alcohol is found in most vegetables and fruits;37. Inside the closed bottle of champagne the pressure is 3 times more than in automobile tires;38. The average life expectancy of an alcoholic woman is less than that of a non-drinking woman by 10%.

39. The average life expectancy of a male alcoholic is less than that of a non-drinking man by 15%.40. 30-40% of women who regularly drink alcohol lose their ability to breast-feed.41.

All 13 trace elements that are necessary to maintain human life can be found in alcoholic beverages.42. The Germans eat red meat and bananas for breakfast to get rid of hangover.43. According to studies, at any time, 0.7 percent of the world’s population is drunk.44. A muscular person has a better tolerance of alcohol than a person with a lot of subcutaneous fat.

45. One of the most popular drinks in Cambodia is brandy with a killed tarantula.46. The most expensive vodka “Billionaire” is worth 3.75 million dollars.47.

In Utah, at wine tasting, it is illegal to swallow a drink and is punished with a fine.48. It is a common myth that tequila lifts the mood and wine makes you romantic.49. Archaeologists found pitchers of the Neolithic era, which suggested that the purposefully fermented beverages existed, in the Stone Age (about 10,000 years BC).

50. 8% of women drink alcohol during pregnancy.51. The scientist Nikola Tesla drank whiskey every day; he thought that this would prolong his life to 150 years.

52. The first sign of alcoholism is increased resistance to alcohol.53. In some cases, alcohol abuse causes epilepsy.54. Adolescents can develop diabetes from the abuse of alcoholic beverages.55. The spinal cord is the last area of the brain affected by alcohol.

56. In the mouthwash there is more alcohol than in the wine.57.

During the “dry law” in the 1920s and 30s, the US government poisoned alcohol, killing more than 10,000 people.58. Alcohol is considered an important risk factor for more than 60 different disorders.59. In Argentina, 68% of domestic violence is associated with alcohol.60. Bad decisions, poor judgments and emotions are natural outcome when you are drunk.


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