1.4.1. papacy and increase the power of the


1. Cesare BorgiaHe is known also by Duke Valentino (1476–1507). Due to the strong admiration of Machiavelli for this personality and strife for power, Cesare Borgia was mentioned more than once and praised as a primary example of the successful, courageous, and clever leader. The linked of his power with his father’s strength (Alexander VI) dropped his rule immediately after his father’s death. This lapse did not prevent Machiavelli from glorifying him for his effective history and chosen him as a fundamental inspiration for The Prince.

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1.4.2. Pope Alexander VIHis real name is Rodrigo Borgia (1431 – 1503), he became a pope in1492. Alexander VI appeared enough times in the book since Machiavelli considered him as the man who did much to strengthen the papacy and increase the power of the Catholic Church. This man was hiding a great shrewdness and political greatness under the Papacy robe. Machiavelli pointed out that the pope had a great credit for his son’s arrival to power.

Besides, he also acknowledged his great role in the march of Cesare, as he contributed to taking most of the political decisions that led to his ascension to Authority. The Pope Borgia gained the admiration of Machiavelli although his rejection of the church, he praised his political cleverness, not his religious attitude.1.4.3.

Lorenzo De Medici Known as “the magnificent” (1449, 1492), he is the chosen one to whom the writer addressed his advice and presented his thoughts and experiences in order to, obtain his satisfaction and intimacy after his taking of the Florence’ reign. The Prince is open by a dedication


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