1.0 was a statue that show a group

1.0 Three Highlights Learnt from the Educational Tour 2.

0 Exhibited Element from the Educational Tour One of the exhibition that captured my attention in the National Museum is the history of how Malaysia was formed. This exhibition is regarding on how Malaysia attain its independence from the English and Japanese army. In one corner inside the exhibition there was a statue that show a group of people gather while watching the original flag of Malaysia. The idea of the original Tanah Melayu flag was contributed through an open competition in creating new flag of Tanah Melayu due to independence in 1949. This competition was organized by the Federal Legislative Council and was joined by 373 people.

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Among the 373 participants, only 3 design creation had been chosen and would be judged precisely at the final stage. The flags were also advertised by The Malay Mail in 29 November 1949 and the publics were given a chance to vote their favorite flag. The flag design by one of the architect from Johor, Mr Mohamed Bin Hamzah won the people heart.

Eleven stripes of red and white with crescent moon and eleven-pointed star were presented in his design. Before the flag can be established and hang officially, it need to be approved by King George VI and other Malay King in Tanah Melayu. In 26 Mei 1950, the flag had been hanged outside the castle of Sultan Selangor, Kuala Lumpur. The merger of Tanah Melayu with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore in 1963 had increased the number of stripe on the flag and the pointed star.

The reason why I choose this exhibited element is because it has a sentimental and historical value on how our ancestors tried their best to gain independence and respect from others. History has disclosed to us that Malaysia’s independence journey was full of challenges and sacrifices. Thus, as a Malaysian we need to love our country and are willing to protect it from any shape of threats.

To conclude, young generations should be thankful and appreciate our ancestors’ effort in providing a better Malaysia for the future generations. 3.0 My Perception of Malaysia after the Educational TourAfter the tour at National Museum that had been held on 4 July 2018, my perception regarding Malaysia had changed and increased in a positive vibe. As a young generation, we need to appreciate the history of our country and try our best to be a civilized generation. In order to achieve the success, we need to put more effort in loving our country and work together as a family without judging others’ race.In my perception, Malaysia is a country that is full of historical story and value which exist for more than 300,000 years. The evidences found during the Paleolithic Era prove the existences of human being. Since then, more histories had been made until now.

These historical evidences should be a tool to motivate young generation to continue the delegacy of great Malaysia as Malaysia is not an ordinary country instead it is full of mysteries that need to be discovered.Furthermore, Malaysia is full of persevere people as we successfully overcome various issue before and after the independence. For example, our government had try their best to overcome the attack of Japanese army in the year of 1945 and the spread of Communist ideology which only end in the late of 1970. Their efforts are to ensure a long-lasting independence which contribute to a peaceful country for the citizens. In conclusion, every people have their own perception regarding their own country. A good citizen will try their best to promote their country to others as they are proud on what their country had done to achieve something that is impossible.

4.0 How has this Tour Shifted my Thoughts on Being a Responsible Citizen.A responsible citizen is a person who feel responsible in every obligation that they carried. A responsible citizen will try to give their time and effort without asking anything in return. Their sole intention is to show their appreciation on what had the country done for them. After the tour, it really opened up my mind on the importance of contributing to other people.

The first value that I get is to respect each other without judging from their look. We need to respect each other as respect is the key of harmony in a country. Without respect, many unwanted scenarios will occur.

For example, racial oppression is able to lead a war. As Malaysian, the value of respect by being thoughtful on the issue of religions and politics are important for the unity of different races.The next value is to be generous and help each other when needed. A good nation is built by working together as a team and always help each other in achieving a shared goal. Thus, it can be proved through the teamwork of our heroes in their fight to free us from the British Colonies.

In conclusion the values that I gain from the tour had help me to be a better citizen in future as I believe it is my duties and responsibilities to serve for my nation. 5.0 Social Issue that you observed or experienced during the Tour.During the tour, there are a few numbers of social issue that I encountered. One of it was, a parent did not take good care of their children behaviors. The parents simply let them running and making noises inside the museum. For some reasons, we felt very uncomfortable because it disturbs our focus and learning process inside the museum. In my opinion this situation should not happen in public area especially in a place like museum.

The parents should take good care of their children and advise them properly so that the children will behave and respect others privacy. Even though they are still kids, in order to build their good characteristic, parent should take serious action in growing up their children.6.

0 Self-ReflectionIn my opinion, this study trip to National Museum really open up my mind as young generation of Malaysia to appreciate the historical value of the country. For example, I am able to discover new knowledge on Malaysia which are not disclose in our History lesson during high school. Besides, I was amazed by looking at the historical evidences displayed in the museum with my bare eyes. Furthermore, I suggest that the faculty should organizes such activity more often as it will build interest among students. Undeniable, students nowadays are more interested in trying new things in order to understand the knowledge that they wanted to learn. By this, the learning method in campus would improve which produce quality students.

ConclusionIn conclusion, I felt very lucky to join this study trip to National Museum as there are a lot of knowledge regarding our country. I also gain a lot of experience during the tour and are able to open up my mind on how to react with society. As Malaysian, we need to have the obligation in serving our beloved country and understand the nature of our country historical value in order to avoid the unnecessary scenario happened. Our lecturer had done a good job in organizing this trip and under her supervise we manage to understand what Social Responsibility is all about. We will also practice the moral and good value that had been taught by her in class as the young generation we need show good example to the people out there.

By this, I can conclude that this study strip is a success as most of the objective that we are required to gain by the end of the semester had been achieved.REFERENCES1. ‘Bendera Malaysia’, Wikipedia, Wiki Article, 23 April 2018, viewed 18 July 2018, .2.

‘Muzium Negara’, Wikipedia, Wiki Article, 26 May 2018, viewed 18 July 2018,.


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