1.0 INTRODUCTION Regardless of whether you are intro


Regardless of whether you are intro social media monitoring or not, taking in the differences among traditional and non-traditional marketing can expand and increase the odds of a fruitful crusade. A business’s instinct and great intuition have unquestionably played a role in comprehending what their consumers wants and needs. Unfortunately, their assumptions about their consumers preferences and needs are not generally on track. Failed or insignificantly effective marketing efforts happens to every business professional.

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Traditional Marketing correspondences applies to older media such as television, newspapers, radio, magazines etc. These types of traditional marketing can be extensive and have a life expectancy that is effectively defined. According to Gibson ; Neilson 2000, on the off chance that life expectancy of the marketing media is short, it perhaps most appropriate for an once off event. Getz 2012 has exhorted utilizing traditional marketing communication is a tool to reach an entire mass. Traditional Marketing has a better outwardly engaging, nostalgic and more noteworthy aspects. According to Blakeman 2014, magazine has a longest life span in any forms of traditional tools because it could be easily passed around hand to hand and people can simply read it in the office or while sitting down. Thus, newspapers are very effective because it could be picked up or left in a commute and being picked up for another public passenger to read.

Non Traditional Marketing has conveyed numerous opportunities through digital marketing such as social media, grassroots, guerrilla etc. According to Chaffey ; Smith 2014, it is very overwhelming on how much marketers would now be able to do with using digital marketing methods and the rates has increased in both quantifiability and financially. Purreault et al 2013 explains that digital marketing are stronger and in depth analysis of Customer Relationship Management that was impractical before the development in non traditional strategies. According to Busch 2015 and Kapko 2016, they potray programmatic marketing as living marketing which is a digital form of marketing that could be utilized on the web and in DOOH (Digital out of Home). It could change itself based on its predetermined factors, for example, climates, time, sound and touch. It can likewise be automated which depends on the factors recorded as to meet the demands of the buyer and marketers.


Kotler (2002) clarifies that when marketing for galleries, it is vital to characterize the target market and market to them correctly, utilizing the correct tools to suit that market. These tools can originate from either the traditional or non-traditional fields. According to Perreault et al, a target market is accomplished through market division and by utilizing proper instruments or potentially channels to communicate with that group. Also, each market objectives need to be tended to in various courses all together for an advertising to be effective.

In the world of marketing, staying in stride with your competitors often isn’t enough to gain momentum and success. Many companies are stuck in the sales and marketing playbook from twenty years ago—still relying on expensive direct mailers, print catalogues, billboard ads, TV spots, spammy emails, and cold calling campaigns. The problem with these methods is that consumers have gotten really good at ignoring all of these push tactics from companies. From ad blockers to DVRs, your customers are telling you that they don’t want pushy ads.

Non-traditional marketing is any unconventional, strategic marketing program, activity or tactic that uses uncommon methods to reach a target audience in a new way. Because marketing is constantly changing, the tactics that are considered “non-traditional” will continue to evolve over time.

A report which is written by Mckinsey ; Company 2016 says that by next year 2019, non-traditional marketing will be a dominate source in marketing spend. As mentioned, DOOH is widely introduced. It is where the traditional and non-traditional medias interlink. However, according to Taylor 2015 predicts that by year 2020 all traditional space in major cities will be replaced by digital media. An online marketing can target its audiences in direct way that could not be used when doing it through traditional strategy. However this only works for the younger generation and does not apply to other platforms. According to the 8020s report, it stated that only 52% users in Ireland online users are under the age of 35.
Based on Katz 2008 and Kotler et al 2008, they recommended that traditional channels were most appropriate for reaching entire populace however, they expressed that it is not financially feasible to constantly use traditional channel expect if they are supported through sponsorship.
On the other hand, traditional marketing is a rather broad category that incorporates many forms of advertising and marketing. It’s the most recognizable type of promoting, incorporating the advertisement that we see and hear each day.
Belch & Belch (2006) devised an approximate time span of exposure or life-time traditional marketing communications. Magazines have the longest life span of any traditional type of advertising. Magazines can easily be passed around from hand-to-hand, or sit in an office for passers-by to read. Daily papers can be extremely powerful at target promoting dependent on their readership. Daily papers again have a fairly shorter life expectancy however a day by day daily paper can be gotten, left on a drive furthermore, got again by another individual from open.
In the term of having a successful for B2B marketing, Ellis (2011) explains the importance of events for B2B marketing from the simple coffee meeting to more formal conferences through traditional marketing. The leading form of B2B lead generation is still need face-to-face events. Face-to-face interaction and connection are as yet the main technique in conversion rates ad evident in Content Marketing Institute. Moreover, Word of Mouth advertising is extremely successful however a boundless channel of traditional marketing communications.
As for the small business, it is really a good reason when they want to rely on the traditional marketing. The reasons have as much to do with the advantages and benefits the mediums offer as the sheer number of individuals who keep on inclining toward them. For example, through broadcast. The ability to reach an expansive group of audience has for quite some time been the essential favourable position of TV and radio. Be that as it may, achieving such reach can be tricky for some entrepreneurs, who frequently can’t manage the cost of TV and radio spots. Nearby programming can be more affordable, yet bring down viewership numbers help clarify why.


Both Smith (2015) and Ellis (2011) discuss media fragmentation, a term that is used to explain how a consumer is on many different platforms at any one time. This multitasking lifestyle is growing and being present across multiple platforms both, traditional and non-traditional is key to the successful growth in a modern organisation (Blakeman,2014).

Every business strives to develop and create in light of the fact that even stagnation is a certain indication of disappointment. With the end goal to accomplish its objective, an organization needs to continually deal with amplifying its customer base, which means it has to use all available promotional tools and channels to reach as many new clients and stay in touch with the existing ones. How the issue of choosing the correct promoting strategy is dealt with a great effect on the overall performance of the company.

A few organizations lean toward traditional strategies since they have been effective previously. That is the reason despite everything we see print promotions, announcements or flyers dispersed everywhere throughout the world, and TV and radio ads are as yet going solid. Then again, new advertising techniques are overwhelming the world, achieving a considerably more noteworthy number of individuals in significantly less time for substantially less cash. They are all Internet-related and incorporate website pages, web journals, media social networking platforms and each other method for advancing a business on the web.

Both forms of marketing communications serve their purpose for their desired markets. Regardless of whether it is traditional or non-traditional, each one has its very own financial expenses and potential gathering of people related with it. The most effective method to use these media for target promoting in events, isn’t sufficiently considered and how marketing communications can focus on a similar crowd on various mediums. All together for an occasion to be run well and offer out effectively, it should be promoted well and in an appropriate way.


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