1. make the first chocolate bar in the

1. The chocolate’s smell increases theta waves in the brain that induce relaxation.

2. At some point, Winston Churchill was in danger when Nazi planned assassination for him by exploding chocolate bar.3.

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Dark chocolate is believed to help in weight loss.4. In 1842 ‘Cadbury’ was the first brand to make the first chocolate bar in the world. 5. Chocolate also helps in controlling and preventing cough.6. Chocolate has antioxidants that keep you young.7.

Approximately 70% of cocoa is produced in Africa.8. In 1941 M;M was created so that soldiers can also enjoy chocolates without melting.

9. The famous blood shower scene in movie Psycho, chocolate syrup was used.10. On Thorntons 100th birthday, they created the world’s largest chocolate bar, it weighed about 5,792 kg.

11. For pregnant women chocolates are good, it cheers up the mood and reduces stress.12. July 7 is celebrated as World Chocolate day.

13. Dark chocolate is considered healthier than other chocolates because it contains less sugar and more cocoa. 14. It is a myth that the chocolate has lots of caffeine.15.

The person who created chocolate chip cookie sold his idea to Nestle in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate.16. Dark chocolate reduces the chances of heart attack.17. There are many cosmetic products in which chocolate is added because it improves the skin.

18. The cocoa tree can grow for 2 centuries.19.

About 60 million children work in Africa in the plantation of growing cocoa beans.20. chocolate has a much stronger effect on women than on men.21. US, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium are the top four countries in the world for the production of chocolate.22. The famous Napoleon used to carry chocolate with him all the time, he eats it when he needed an energy boost.23.

There are four different type of chocolates-dark, white, blond and milk.24. Chocolate produced around $ 83.2 billion every year.

25. Swizz chocolates are the most famous chocolates in the world.26. 400 cocoa beans are needed to make one-pound chocolate.27. Cocoa trees are productive for approximately 25 years.28. In America, the total chocolate consumption per year is 2.

8 billion pounds.29. 3 Musketeers bar actually had three flavors- chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but strawberry was dropped out because of the high price.30. Chocolate milk was invented in the 1700s in Jamaica.

31. Chocolates were so precious and valued so much that in Ancient Mesoamerica it was used as currency.32. White chocolate is not a chocolate because it does not contain cocoa solids or cocoa liquor.33. Chocolate can be a painkiller.

34. There is about 50 mg of caffeine in an average chocolate bar.35. “Theobroma cacao,” is the scientific name for the cocoa tree which means ‘Cocoa, food of Gods’.36. Europeans consume more than half of the chocolate produced in the world.

37. Chocolate has a compound that can kill dogs.38. Canadian kids in 1947 went on strike when the price of chocolates was increased from 5 to 8 cents.

39. Women have more craving for chocolate than men.40. Chocolate milk is good post-workout recovery drink.41. Cocoa trees were first discovered in Central America, South America and part of Mexico.

42. Chocolate as the central theme is used in many movies like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and others.43. Hershey’s kisses are called so because the machine makes the sound while manufacturing the chocolate.

44. Chocolate has about 600 different flavor compounds which give different aromas.45. At the time of Revolutionary War, sometimes the soldiers were paid in the form of chocolate.46. The famous Hershey’s make about 70 million Hershey’s kisses a day.47. Overconsumption of chocolate can be fatal for humans.

48. Solid chocolate was invented by two British confectioners in 1847. They made it by mixing cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, and sugar.49.

There are researchers which suggest that chocolate can help to fight against intestinal cancer.50. Cocoa is rich in copper, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium. 51. 7 billion chocolate chips are eaten annually. 52. A study in 2013, found out that, chocolate fragrance in the bookstore increases the book sale.

53. 7th July is celebrated as World’s Chocolate Day.54. Chocolate has high-fat content but surprisingly, it doesn’t raise blood cholesterol level.

55. The world chocolate is believed to be derived from Aztec word xocolatl which means ‘bitter water’.56. Chocolate has some compounds that help to prevent brain damage at the time of the stroke.57.

Probably chocolate is the only compound that melts at slightly lower temperature than our body temperature.58. In ancient times, chocolate was served as a drink.59.

German chocolate is called so, not because it is made in Germany but because the inventor name is Sam German.60. There was a limited edition of Lays chips covered with milk chocolate.


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