1.3 the equipment. There could be fault.


3 -Explain the reasons for following manufacturer’s and organisational instructions when operating equipment The reasons for following manufacturer’s instructions when using office equipment is so that equipment is used in the correct way. If equipment is used properly it reduces the risk of faults, it will also reduce the risk of safety hazards. Organisational instructions are there to ensure equipment is being used appropriately, and only being used when necessary, following these instructions means there is less likely to be problems with equipment. 1.4 -Describe the types of equipment faults likely to be experienced and the correct way of dealing with theseWhen working in an office, many equipment problems are technological faults, such as power shortages, server faults, phone line issues etc.

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When using the phone system, a type of fault can be we are unable to take calls, call keep being cut off, we are unable to hear/ communicate with the caller. The correct way to deal with this problem would be to log a call with IT so that they can fix the problems. There are ways of preventing problems by having regular checks done on the equipment. There could be fault. When there are faults with equipment it is best for us to ensure we have saved and work we have stared so it will not be lost if the system goes down. If we are on the phone we need to make sure the first thing we get is the person’s telephone number, so that if the call is ended then we can call the person back.

If there is a problem with the computer stem then we will also have to log a call with IT so that it can be fixed. Other problems that can occur can be problems with printers and photocopiers. Some of these problems can be deal with straight away and will not need assistance, for example an empty paper tray or paper jams. Other problems may be more complicated and a technician will need to be called in. When fixing problems it is important to use the manufacturer’s instructions, as this will ensure the problem is fixed properly and will stop the risk of causing further faults with the equipment and reduce further faults in the future. Another fault could be running out of equipment, for example toner in the printer, paper, folders, etc.

A way to prevent this problem is to have regular checks on equipment and stock so that new equipment is ordered before it has run out.


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