1. to be considered and corresponding steps have

1. Introduction1.1 Problem SummaryThe main aspects of this chapter is to know the problems of the system for which we are trying to find the solutions.

And to implement that, we have to do a systematic planning. We have to first define our aims and objectives to be achieved throughout the whole project lifecycle. After that the scope of the project and the schedule in which the project has to be completed. The environment in which we are going to implement the model has to be considered and corresponding steps have to be taken for that.

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Also a positive approach for the successful completion of the project would be a boost for the team-members.The summary of the problem can be explained in simple by an example that many a times people try to search informational content regarding fitness and health, but the problem lies in visiting different sites and the authenticity of information are not known. And we know if wrong diet plans is implemented then it may cause some health problem.To rectify this problem we will be creating an application where we will be providing brief and concise details about health and fitness information like workout plans, supplement recommendation, trainer reviews, trainer verification, and various other modules.All the above mentioned modules will be integrated in a such a way that person with any age group will easily understand and navigate to different screens so that user will have very good experience using our Application. 1.2 Aim and Objectives of the Project:The aim and some of the main objectives of the project are listed below. These objectives are the main driving force for solving the issues and problems which we pointed out in the previous section.

? TO PROVIDE AUTHENTIC DIET PLANSThrough this service users can easily access correct nutritional plans. ? TO PROVIDE SUPPLEMENT RECOMMENDATIONTrainer will assist user what types of supplements he will be needing.? TOP TRANSFORMATIONSHere we will be Listing all the transformation journey from fat to fit of the selected trainer.? TO PROVIDE INTERACTIVE UI EXPERIENCEThe main thing of our application is that it will provide best UI experience so that user will stick to our application for longer period of time.

? SCHEDULING WORKOUTUsers can schedule their workout timing according to their daily routines.? ATHLETEIn this module we will be showing the top athletes who got satisfactory results.? Macro CounterCounting macros and food is very essential part of fitness and we will be providing this functionality. 1.3 Problem Specification:Every team in an organization has processes that run the way they work. All have to work in that flow to achieve the target.

Having a good understanding of your team’s business processes can help you to improve productivity and save time and money. Whether you are managing projects, people, tasks, materials, or other key elements in your business, one can gain the best visibility by creating a visual map of work flow.In the current scenario, we are working on the field related to Fitness and Nutrition. It is not very easy to convince Professional Trainer and Certified Dietician to use our platform as we don’t have any solid background. And unless we form a partnership with at-least a dozen of Experts, the system cannot run smoothly.

1.4 Literature Review:In order to implement the project, we have reviewed sites like Google, YouTube, GitHub etc. Then to study React native, we have reviewed the website like learcodeonline, Eduonix and other sources like Youtube and official React Native Docs.Also, it is very important to know that if it is practically possible to implement the features which we want in our cross platform Application. We also read various application that are built on top of React Native Framework and whether it is feasible to implement the proposed idea within the mentioned timeline.Also we reverse engineered siltes like bodybuilding.com, healthify App to comprehend their platform and how it can be improved and provide better experience to the clients as well as Trainer/Dieticiens to share their knowledge with various users.

1.5 Plan of WorkWe have accomplished all the research work for the final report. Thus, we’re able to follow our timeline chart as designed and the project is feasible. The time management for the next semester is: Initially we gathered all the information regarding the Fitness applications available on the internet. So that we can get idea about programming work and other techniques which are required for our application.Firstly, we have prepared the Login and Registration Page which is directly connected with Firebase. Also, we have Login/Registration Screen as well as landing page.

Screenshots are attahced in the later part..Now, the homepage or the main page of the application will be developed, here we can include the modules such as BMI Calculator, Macro Counter, Workout Plans, Diet Plans, Supplement Recommendation , etc.

At first, only coding work will be done and later we will work on the designing part of the application. We will actively use Android Studio for Virtual Emulator and Visual Studio Code as Editor and connect the application to the Firebase for real time Database connectivity with Authentication. 1.6 Material and Tools RequiredThe following are the technologies which are used in our project:1.

Android StudioAndroid Studio is the Official IDE for Android. Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device.2. FirebaseFirebase is Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business.3.

React-NativeReact Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components.2. Design: Analysis, Design Methodology and Implementation Strategy2.

1 Observation Matrix (AEIOU Summary)AEIOU is an investigative tool to help interpret observations gathered by ethnographic practices in the field. It is an Observation tool. Its two primary functions are to code data, and to develop building blocks of models that will ultimately address the objectives and issues of a client.

AEIOU stands for 5 elements to be coded: Activity, Environment, Interaction, Object, and User.? Activities are goal-directed sets of actions—paths towards things people want to accomplish. It is the modes people work in, and the specific activities and processes they go through. In our project, it includes the observation of activities done by the users and trainers.? Environments include the entire arena where activities take place. It is the character and function of the space overall, of each individual’s spaces, and of shared spaces. ? Interactions are between a person and someone or something else; they are the building blocks of activities.

It is special interactions between people, objects in their environment. In our project we specify the interaction done by user, trainer and admin.? Objects are building blocks of the environment, key elements sometimes put to complex or unintended uses (thus changing their function, meaning and context). They are the objects and devices people have in their environments and the way they relate to their activities.? Users are the people whose behaviors, preferences, and needs are being observed. Their roles and relationships. Their values and prejudices.

2.1.1 Activities It includes the observation of activities done by that users which have to do workout and and they want some guidelines about fitness.As our topic is about “Fitness guide Zone” ,our main purpose is about fitness workout and diet plans. For guest user the basic information is shown to them.

But for workout, survey, diet plans, etc. they have to login in the application. If user wants to hire trainer then this option is also available. Calorie Counter is also used for checking user’s calories.

2.1.2 Environment It includes the environment of our application. Our application is based on React-native framework. It is based on JavaScript. This application will support in both android and ios. Expo XDE is a free and open source tool chain for building android and native ios projects using Javascript.

2.1.3 Interactions: Interaction chart includes the interaction that various person were doing with others.User: Take training by hiring trainer.

Schedule for workout and diet plan made by using calorie counter and survey. Calorie Counter for checking calories of user based on his/her height, weight and other information. Admin: Manage user’s information.

Verify the trainer based on his/her certificates and other proofs. Give privileges to users and trainers to use information.Trainer: Making of schedule of workout and exercises. Observe the survey of user. Give guidelines to user based on survey.2.

1.4 Objects This refers to the objects that we saw in general. Objects include the basic things which are done by user for workout plans:? Guidelines? Survey(7 to 15 days)? Calorie Counter? Macro nutrients? Schedule(days) 2.1.5 Users It includes users which are take part in our application. They are: User, Trainer, Admin.User should have to use features like calorie counter survey for healthy workout and diet. Trainer is hired by user if they want.

Schedule ad survey is managed by trainer and based on these, diet plans and workout schedule is made by trainer.Admin is manages all the users, verify the authorized trainer and give privilege. 2.2 Ideation Canvas At this stage we’ll expand our list of user and their activities to list all possible new situations, conditions that user faces or may face.

First of all, we focused on expanding activity list at this stage, then we identified the problems that user faces by analyzing all the variation of his activities. Often normal activities done under different situations lead to problems. We identified such problems at this stageNow after the problems have been identified, we started looking for the solutions, using this ideation we will look at how we can ideate about solutions to the problems. 2.2.1 People? User? Trainer? Admin2.

2.2 Activities? Registration/Login? Training? Calorie Counter? Guidelines? Schedule(days, workout->exercise)? Workout and diet plan (based on goals)2.2.3 Situation/Context/Location? Find workout videos? Find Diet plans? Measure daily calories? Make schedule? survey2.

2.4 Props/Possible Solutions? Provide information about diet and workout? Helps to achieve individual goals 2.3 Product Development Canvas Now since problems have been identified, we will start with the product development canvas. This is the overview of the product we are making.

In this we will start building a structure of our product around the needs of our users.2.3.

1 Purpose:The major purpose of our product are:? To make everyone healthy 2.3.2 People:It includes those persons who will frequently use this product:? User? Trainer? Admin2.3.3 Product Experience:? Provide information about health and fitness2.3.4 Product Functions:? Calorie counter? Survey? Schedule2.

3.5 Product Features:? Manage schedule round? Measure calorie? Suggest diet plan and workout plan2.3.6 Components:It includes the components that are used in making of this system.? React-native ? Expo XDE? Atom? Firebase2.

3.7 Customer Revalidation:? Verify trainer? Firebase database? Verify athlete2.3.8 Reject/Redesign/Revalidate? Calorie counter? Schedule? Survey 2.4 Empathy Mapping Canvas Empathy making includes 4 main cases 😕 Users? Stakeholders? Activities? Story Writing 2.4.1 Users: In this we can include all the users and trainers.

The admin manages all the aspects.? USER? TRAINER? ADMIN2.4.2 Stakeholders: It includes some other users that are not directly connected to this field.? TRAINER? TEAM (for verify trainer)2.4.3 Activities: It includes major activities that are performed by these users and stakeholders.

Following are the activities 😕 Registration/Login? Training? Calorie Counter? Guidelines? Schedule(days, exercise)2.4.4 Story BoardingAlong with all this 3 points, it also has happy story and sad story, it tells us about customers experience and the problem faced by them. It helps us to know our project in more detail and gives us hint to improve our work over the project. Here are our happy and sad stories… Happy Story:1. Ramesh was 21 year old but he feels like he is under weight so he join gym but his progress is some as starting. So his friend suggests our application and he started watching workout videos and diet.

Using our app he saw the improvement.2. Because of my job I cant focused on my health and fitness. So I see this application and the scheduling features of our application helps to manage my daily workout and diet plan. So I can improve my health and fitness.Sad Story:1. I’m starting working out to achieve my own fitness goal. I’m using this application for workout and diet plan.

I’m following workout plan properly but I cant follow diet plan. So I don’t get any result for a long time.2. I’m watching workout and exercise videos of this application.

But my exercise form was not proper. So I don’t get proper muscle condition as I want to get. 2.5 Diagrams2.5.

1 Use Case Diagrams 2.5.2 Activity Diagrams• Trainer activity • User Activity 2.5.3 ER-Diagram 2.

5.4 Class Diagram 2.5.5 Sequence Diagram 3. Implementation3.1 Modules in the SystemIn this, we have to provided those modules which are to be used in the system:? Login? Register/Sign-up? Reset Password? Calorie CounterLogin:Login Page will be provided on homepage/main page of the application (just after user opens the application). Google Account Login Option is also available.

Register/Sign-up:Register or Sign-up Page will be provided when the new user registration if he/she don’t have account on this application. Reset Password:When user needs to reset his/her password, he/she just need to provide email and when user received the mail, he/she can reset password. Calorie Counter:In calorie counter user have to fill their age, gender, height and weight. The calorie counter will count the calories. 3.

2 Data Dictionary Client_InfoField_Name Datatype Allow nullclient_id Number(50) Not nullClient_name Varchar(100) Not nullClient_type Varchar(100) Not nullDOB Date(20) Not nullAddress Varchar(100) Not nullEmail_id Varchar(50) Not nullContact Number(10) Not nullSelected Plan Varchar(100) Not nullTrainer _InfoField_Name Datatype Allow Nulltrainer_id Number(50) Not nulltrainer_type Varchar(100) Not nullQualification Number(50) Not nullEmail_id Varchar(50) Not nullContact Number(10) Not nullCertification Varchar(50) Not nullExperience Number(10) Not nullWorkout Plans _InfoField_Name Datatype Allow NullType Varchar(100) Not nullReps Varchar(100) Not nullName Varchar(100) Not nullMacro_CounterField_Name Datatype Allow NullFats Varchar(100) Not nullCarbs Varchar(100) Not nullProteins Varchar(100) Not nullVitamins Varchar(100) Not nullAmino Acids Varchar(100) Not null3.3 Flow• First of all, a login page will be provided in the application along with the registration option for those users who are not yet registered with our application. If user is not registered then he/she have to register first.• The Reset password is also given if user is not able to remember password then he/she got a mail from our application and after that the password can be change.• After login user can check out the workout videos, athletes and if user wants to hire their personal trainer then we also provides some authorized paid trainers.

• After that calorie counter feature will measure your calories and for that user have to fill some information like gender, age, height and weight. This feature is used when the schedule of workout and diet plan is making for user 3.4 ScreenshotsRegistration Login Reset Password Calorie Counter 4. Summary4.

1 Advantages of the SystemThe main advantage of our application is that user can do exercise and make his/her diet very easily and he/she don’t need to go to the gym or don’t need to take any advice from others. ? Users can take healthy diet for fitness based on Calorie counter.? In Survey, user only needs to provide his/her daily meals details for 7 to 15 days and based on it our application make perfect workout schedule.? Workout and exercise videos are also provide for doing proper exercise.? If user doesn’t have enough time for all this, he/she can also hire a personal trainer by our application and after that the trainer takes care of his/her all diet and workout schedules.4.2 Unique FeaturesOur one of the unique feature is Calorie Counter.

The calorie counter is taking only some basic information like age, gender, height and weight. And based on that it counts the daily calorie intake.Other unique feature is Survey.

This application takes all your daily meals for at least 7 to 15 days and makes your workout and diet schedule based on your daily meals. ? Hire trainers? Workout videos? Follow athletes? Before-After images 4.3 Conclusion and Scope of further WorkThe project is developed to provide fitness and healthy diet to the users which uses our application.

Considering the same point of view in mind we have developed this project “Fitness Guide zone” which aims to provide workout and diet plans in the smart phone with the help of unique platform.It will create a wonderful platform where users will be able to do exercise and make their own daily workout plan; also the diet plan is made by trainer for best results. The app provides completely smooth reading experience on the Smartphone which is further enhanced with features and functions provided in the app. One of the best feature is Survey. Based on user’s meal, the daily diet plan and workout schedule is made.

5. References• https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/getting-started.html,• https://nativebase.io/• https://youtube.com• https://react-native-training.github.io/react-native-elements/• https://reactnavigation.org/• https://rnfirebase.io/• https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-native-fontawesome


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