1. The second leading cause of death in

1. The second leading cause of death in women is Breast cancer.2. It is a common myth that breast cancer is diagnosed only in women, men also suffer from breast cancer.3. Research shows that the women’s first health fear is breast cancer.

4. The number of breast cancer patients are more in developed countries. 5.

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70% of breast cancer patients have no family history of breast cancer.6. After 40 years the chances of breast cancer increase very much.7. Regular mammogram after the 40s helps to reduce the number of deaths due to breast cancer.8.

Breastfeeding for a year reduces the chances of breast cancer.9. Obesity is also one of the main factors, obese women have 1.5 times more chances of getting cancer than slim women.10. On an average 112 women die every day due to breast cancer.

11. Left breast is more prone to breast cancer than the right one.12. Hormone Replacement Therapy for more than five years increases the chances of breast cancer.13.

About 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no risk factors at all.14. 5%-10% of breast cancer cases have the mutation in genes BRCA1 and BRCA2.15. Alcohol consumption increases the chances of breast cancer.16. The U.S.

spends about $1 billion for research on breast cancer.17. The common risk factors are obesity, diabetes mellitus, breast trauma, late first childbirth, refusal of breastfeeding, smoking, alcohol abuse and even work at night!18. You can decrease the chances of breast cancer by changing the lifestyle. 19.

It is a myth that for breast cancer woman have to undergo a mastectomy. If you have an early diagnosis of breast cancer then lumpectomy is performed.20. Survival rate after treatment is increased by 75% to 82% in last five years.21. Self-screening really helps women to detect cancer at the very early stage.

22. If you see any deformation, lump, pain, around the nipple or on any part of breast then it should not be neglected.23. Since 1990 the rate of breast cancer is increased by 25% in U.K.24. October is the month of breast cancer awareness.

25. Pink color ribbon symbolizes breast cancer awareness.26. Regular exercise reduces the chances of breast cancer.

27. Breast cancer is more common in white women then African-Americans.28.

Most of the time cancer starts from the Left upper quadrant of the breast.29. Approximately every 29 seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.30. In every 13 minutes, a woman dies due to breast cancer.31. When Angelina Jolie was treated for breast cancer, women became more aware of getting screenings for breast cancer. 32.

Pain in breast not always means breast cancer, it can be due to hormonal changes.33. Breast cancer was the first type of cancer described by ancient physicians.34. More than 1 million cases of breast cancer are diagnosed worldwide every year.35. 5-10% of patients with breast cancer have genetic factors.36.

Using antipersistent, wearing underwire bras do not cause breast cancer.37. Genetic predisposition is transmitted both from the maternal and paternal side.38. The youngest patient with breast cancer was 3 years old. She underwent a procedure of total mastectomy.39. Three out of four women develop breast cancer over the age of 50.

40. Women of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage have a high risk of having the BRCA mutation.41. About 400 men die of breast cancer every year in the world.42. In one of 3,000 cases of breast cancer, this disease was diagnosed in a pregnant or lactating woman.

43. There was a theory that abortion or miscarriage is risk factors for breast cancer, but today’s studies do not confirm such theories.44. On an average, worldwide survivors of breast cancer are 60% of all cases.45. Hippocrates also described breast cancer in his era. He called this disease karkinos – crab.

46. It is a myth that small breasts size has a lesser risk for breast cancer development.47. Breast cancer survivors are probably the highest cancer survivors in the world.48. Drinking coffee increases the chances of breast cancer is a myth.

There is no proven theory about it.49. Breast cancer survivor has a high risk of osteoporosis.

50. Belgium has the highest cases of breast cancer.


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