1.1 my research project is to how to

1.1 Identify the area for the research project.I looked at many different areas in the health care setting like reducing falls, development of staff etc but I decided on staff retention as there is a high staff turn over in adult social care and what we can do as a management team to try and keep our staff.

1.2 Develop the aims and objectives of the research project. The aim of my research project is to how to recruit and retain a good reliable work force for adult social care to be able to meet to growing needs of individuals in our care. The main area I will focused on is care assistants.

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Improvements in recruitment and retention are important to make sure we have high quality staff who are trained reliable and flexible to cover the home. This is important because the emphasis is on the provision of care for venerable adults in care homes. It is vital that these venerable individuals are care for by qualified staff who understands the individuals needs and requirements. This will also give continuity for the individuals as they will see the same faces they will feel safer and more secure with in the home environment.1.3 Explain the ethical considerations that apply to the area of research.The ethical considerations that need to be taken in to account is the code of conduct its how we as managers treat our staff if we treat them horrible and we are unapproachable then we will not retain staff here at the home I work in we have a open door policy when a carer is worried or upset about anything I would like to think they will come and speak to us.

This goes for all members of staff not just cares this is how management conduct themselves. Every home has values that need to be followed by all members of staff from the top down. We like to keep cares up to date on things that might affect them. 1.4 Complete a literature review of chosen area of research.

when completing a literature review of staff retention I found that most people left due to the environmental factors of care, job dissatisfaction, the hours you have to work the pay rate is not good compared to less skilled jobs out there, low organizational and professional commitment, higher stress levels the higher up you go, lack of support from people higher than you, and people not realising what is involved when caring for individuals. We need to get a good work and family balance right as well as you will find people who work in care work long hours.But there is a great deal that management can do to over come these problems and retain staff. For example, they can ensure that staff always feel valued for their efforts. 2.

1 Critically compare different types of research. Skills of care done research on staff retention I fell this is a good one because it covered a lot of areas a for example staff retention, staff turnover recruitment ,retention, pay and reward they also looked at what individuals were doing right when they had a high retention rate of staff and went to speak to them so they could get ideas. They also spoke to company’s who had a high staff turn over to see if there was anything that they could avoid so they got the overall picture on staff retention.They spoke to individuals from all levels from management down and their findings were published they found that most people left a job when they were dissatisfied with their job and this is well documented a s reasons why were given some examples are: individuals coming in to the job without a good understanding of their role or sector, a lack of feed back and supervision. Low pay and unsociable hours.Where a company had a high staff retention they had addressed most if not all of the above issues.2.2 Evaluate a range of methods that can be used to collect data.

Data collection is an important aspect of any type of research study as inaccurate data collection can impact the results of a study and ultimately lead to invalid results.The range of method are quantitative methods these are objective measurements and the statistics are mathematical or numeral analysis of data collection this is done through polls, questionnaires, or surveys or by manipulating pre-existing statistical data using computer techniques. Quantitative data is more structured than qualitative data collection methods.These are textual or visual analysis (from books or videos) and one to one or group interviews this is more commonly used in health care research (interviews and focus groups).2.3Identify a range of tools that can be used to analyse data. The range of tools that can be used to analyse data can be:• A single graph can be used in a number of data collection results.• A check sheet can also be used this can be generic tool that can be adapted for a lot of data collection the check sheet can be structured prepared for wide variety of data collection needs.

• A questionnaire can be used as data collection this can collect many forms of data • A case study can collect a in-depth description of a process, experience, or structure in a single experience. • An interview to find out a number of things in one sitting.• And visual observations to collect data.2.4Explain the importance of validity and reliability of data used with in research.

Validity and reliability are two important concepts in research when you look at the every day use of these works you get a sense of how munch they mean for example you are reliable when you turn up for work every day and you feel valued in when you have an opinion that is taken in to consideration. But their use is a lot more complex than that when its used in the terms of research. When doing research, you need to consider the face value of a questionnaire is it able to measure what it meant to for example are you asking the right questions and are they relevant to what you are trying to research. You need to be able to measure the questionnaires concept adequately when the questionnaire has been completed will we find out what we need to know or not (how to retain staff and keep them happy).

You need to look at when you are going to give out the questionnaire as well is it better when they have come out of a supervision or when they are having a good day at work you also need to know who and where the answers come from are they individuals you know or has someone just satin a office and ticked different boxes. 3.1Identify sources of support whilst conducting a research project.Sources of support when I conduct a research project are My manager who will answer any questions that I may have or allow me to use equipment that I may needStaff that I ask they will fill in the questionnaires for my research project if they will cooperate My assessor who will assist me if I have any problems or need assistance while doing my research project.3.2 Formulate a detailed plan for a research project.

This is my plan for my research project:1 I will identify the purpose for my work project2 I will wright a introduction with back ground information3 I will determine my goals and objectives 4 I will use s.m.a.r.t objectives for my work planSPECIFIC: what I’m going to do and whyMEASURABLE: is my project capable of being measured or countedACHIEVEABLE: can I get my project done in the time allocated. do I have resources available to be able to do my project?RELIVANT: is my research relevant and have the desired goal or strategy.

TIME BOUND: is my project achievable in the allocated time given to complete it.5 list resources what I will need to complete my project.6 Identify constraints these are obstacles that may get in my way of achieving my goals and objectives. Planning is required if you are trying to do more than one thing at a time.7 Who is accountable I will be accountable for completing each task in the allocated time scale.

8 Wright your strategy look at my work and identify any resources that are required and overcome any constraints in my way of completing my research.www.wicki how to .com3.3 Select research methods for the project.My research methods will be looking at what other work places have done to try and retain staff and what went right for them and what went wrong.I will send out surveys to current staff to see what is keeping them at the home I work inI will look at previous case studies to see if there is anything that my home could implement to retain staff.I will collate the data that I obtain through the surveys to come to a conclusion.

3.4Develop research questions to be used within project.I will be looking at questions on whether staff are happy in their role. Because happy staff are more likely to stay in a place of work. These are the questions I will ask on my survey and why I have asked them.

• Are management approachable: because even happy staff will need to approach their manager with a problem at one point and they need to know that they can do this without any problems.• Seniors encourage me to do my best: we all need encouragement at some point and seniors are always on the floor with staff.• I am recognised for my efforts: we should all be recognised for a job well done no matter how big or small.• I feel valued by my supervisors: everyone wants to feel wanted and that they have done a good job.• The home has a positive image: everyone wants to work in a home that is well know for good things not bad.

• I am satisfied with my job: we all want job satisfaction knowing we have done our best is a good feeling.• I will be here in 1-5 years: people who are going to stay in a job will know within the first twelve months of being in a work place.• Do you want to progress: individuals who are looking at progressing will stay at the same place of work?• Are you satisfied with your position: individuals who are satisfied work better and stay?• Are you recognised as a individual: no one wants to be known as just a carer they want their own identity? • Are we flexible enough: flexibility is important in care as we must meet the individuals needs and have a work -home balance right as well.

• Would you recommend us to family and friends: When a carer does this it means it’s a good place to work for and they are not looking at leaving if they are encouraging others to come and work here.• Are your job requirements clear: when you know what’s required of you? You can get on with the job you ae required to do happy.• Do you enjoy working for the home I work in: if a individual is happy in there work place they will not go looking for a new job.

3.5Conduct the research using identified methods.See attached surveys4.

1Use data analysis methods to analyse the data.Using the data gathered it says that the management in the home I work in are very open and approachable with everyone who was saying that they strongly agree. The seniors appear to encourage all staff to do there best and work with their team well. We need to work on giving more praise when individuals have done a good job.

But all that took the survey feel valued by the individuals above them. The home that I work in has a positive image and most of the staff feel satisfied in their job and will be looking to progress through the ranks. All individuals who took the survey feel that they are recognised as an individual not just as part of a home. Staff enjoy flexibility where possible and would recommend us as a place to work to family and friends.

We have a good induction program as all individuals were aware of what their role requirements were.4.2 Draw conclusions from findings I feel that our staff enjoy working for the home I work in due to the induction program, flexibility, good management who are open and honest with the staff and their role requirement are clear from the first day that they start. We have a positive senior team working together encouraging the others to do their best.

The staff feel valued for the hard work they do every day. Who will be at the home for a long time because most of them want to progress and they have the support from the management to do this. We also have a positive image with staff who are recognised as individuals not just people who work for a home.in doing this they would recommend working for us to friends and family.4.3Reflect how research finding substantiate initial review.


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