1.1 and SAP2000 software were taken to

1.1 BackgroundMonarch Regency is a luxury apartment complex consisting thirty- five elegantly designed apartment units.

This is conveniently located at No. 808, Kotte Road, Ethul Kotte overlooking the city of Colombo. This is a current development carried out by Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd who is the contractors for the substructure as well as for the superstructure of this project. At present, the project is in the initial stage of the substructure construction. A pile foundation of forty piles has been already completed to withstand the loading. The Architectural design for this luxury building was carried out by the KWA Architects. As a group of intake 32 civil engineering undergraduates of General Sir John Kotelawela Defence University, for the Comprehensive Design Project, it was planned to move forward by designing the structural elements of the building along with the bill of quantities for the entire project.

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Furthermore, preparing the architectural drawing with novel facilities, finishing and maintenance design, providing recreational and assembly areas to uplift the social and cultural wellbeing of the residents ,providing natural environmental approach, improving the quality of the building to the green certification level with accordance to the Green SL recommendations, developing the design for the retaining structure around the boundary of the land and construction improvements for the access road to the proposed building were done along with this design project.The proposed apartment complex is a ten –storey rectangular shaped building on a relatively flat trapezoidal land facing the Kotte road. This construction was efficiently managed in 39.1 perches.

This site possesses two road frontages; one is to Kotte road on its western boundary and the other is to a private road off Kotte Road on the south. The width of the land at the rear boundary is around 21m and the dimension perpendicular to it is around 36m.By carrying out a structural design for this project after analyzing the architectural drawings by the KWA Architects, we obtained the required knowledge, experience and competence in the field of structural engineering. The assistance of CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) and SAP2000 software were taken to accomplish the above target.

The objective of gaining knowledge about the cost expenses that would be beneficial as future Civil Engineers was accomplished by preparing the Bills of Quantities. Further using Green SL recommendations by Green Building Council Sri Lanka for improving the quality of the building was assisted to obtain the knowledge of new trends in the construction field as how to achieve sustainable design and development of a building.1.2 Client RequirementGeneral practice is to draw the architectural drawing according to the client requirement and then structural design is carried out according to the architectural drawing. In this case the client of the project is Mr.

Panduka Wijesinghe, the owner of the Monarch Regency, Ethul Kotte. Basic Structural requirements:• 35 number of apartment units• Adequate car park slots• Roof top pool• Lobby area• 3 passenger lifts• 1 service lift• Rooftop garden• 50 seat Mini theater / conference room• Restaurant• Underground water sump• Sewerage tank• Convenient store• KitchenOther Requirements:• Retaining structure around the boundary of the land. • Construction improvements for access road (Private road)


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