1.1 therefore resulting in shame, humiliation and


1There are multiple reasons as to whypeople become perpetrators of violence. One main reasons is that of learntbehavior. Therefore, people who grew up in abusive environments are likely toalso be perpetrators of violence. These people were surrounded by abusersand/or other victims  are thereforelikely to take up the role of the abuser as they were victims as children orwitnessed excessive abuse .

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Therefore resulting in psychological problems ,causing perpetrators or victims- because people who have victimized before aremore likely to attach themselves to an abuser . A second key reason would be that insome relationships there are unequal roles, leading to dominance within therelationship which means that there unequal power relations resulting in themore submissive partner becoming ill-treated. The more dominant companion willbe the superior partner in the relationship, in some cases people tend to showsuperiority through violence, to show the more inferior partner who the “boss”is. 1.

2Many people don’t report the abuse andthe violence that they suffer, because they’re ashamed and feel humiliated.Many people feel that they might be judged in many ways either because they’ve stayedin a relationship by their family members, friends or even strangers if theyreport abuse. In some cases victims feel that it’s their fault, because abusersblame their victims and some sufferers believe it, therefore resulting inshame, humiliation and lack of self-confidence, making reporting violence andabuse excruciatingly challenging.

Another reason could be lack of accessto resources, because in many unequal power relationships the dominant partnercontrols the decisions the couple would make, therefore having the access tothe necessary resources the victim needs may not be met. Some sufferers couldbe isolated from their family and friends making it difficult for the victim toget out if the toxic relationship. 1.3 There are many ways for parents to bash genderstereotypes one being that as parents, both mother and father can sharehousehold chores equally, therefore exposing the child to gender equality intheir home.  In doing so, parents wouldbe displaying equal power relations.

By displaying the sense of equality itwould help children to understand that no gender it better than the other,because seeing their parents share labours equally they would understand theimportance of gender equality. Another way that parents could showtheir children that both boys and girls are equal is through exposing them toenvironment s where men and women are equal, parents should reveal to thechildren that both boys and girls can do anything. An example of this would befemale firefighters and male nurses. Allowing children to see the equality inwork fields where stereotypes have been broken will allow children to chooserole models of moral perception. 1.4In situations where the dominantpartner decides on the conditions of which intercourse may occur under, forced intercoursemay take place. In some cultures polygamy is condoned and occasionally womenare required to be obedient and compliant in sexual relationships, either forcultural reasons or the submissive partner is too afraid to have a stance.Which means that discussions or negotiations for safer intercourse does notbefall, therefore to unequal power relations can contribute to the spread HIV.

In many cultures different genders aretreated differently. Therefore, in some cases, women in particular are taughtto be more conservative and many cultures do not promote sex education eitherat school or at home. Therefore, the one gender may not always request safeintercourse. 1.5.Sonke Gender Justice is a proudly South African non -profitable andnon-partisan organization that was recognized in 2006.

The initiative pursues gender equality and rights of those living withHIV/AIDS.Sonke’smission is to establish a domain in which men, children and women can enjoy andlive life to the fullest in a just, healthy and happy relationship in our society.They strive to make a gender equal society.

Not only do they fight for gender equality,but also to diminish the spread of HIV and the impact of AIDS, they alsoprotect the rights of those suffering from the virus throughout Africa.


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