• year: wander among the peonies, admire

• If you like flowers and plants, here is a place to write about your program: the New York Botanical Garden. The New York Botanical Garden is located in the heart of the Bronx, giving you the opportunity to experience this New York area, which is less crowded with tourists than Manhattan and Brooklyn.• Founded in 1891, the New York Botanical Garden spans 100 acres, establishing itself as the largest botanical garden in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

The garden is also classified as a historical monument since 1967.• the impressive Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, a huge greenhouse inspired by the Italian Renaissance and modeled after the Royal Botanic Garden in Kew, not far from London. Inside, you will discover an incredible collection of tropical plants, cacti and desert plants.

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A little further afield, explore the Rock Garden, an alpine garden built in 1931. Plants and flowers run between stones and crevices.• Younger brother” of the famous Central Park , the Botanical Garden of New York is markedly different from him by character – a sort of mysterious introvert with aristocratic habits, and not a pet-first-born. The garden, which opened in 1891, is famous, firstly, with its green plantations, which include 20 hectares of relict-deciduous-coniferous forest, and secondly, the recently restored greenhouse named after Enid Haupt in the Victorian style. On the territory of the New York Botanical Garden, occupying more than 100 hectares, there is something to do at any time of the year: wander among the peonies, admire the blossoming magnolias, rest in the Rose Garden or sadness at the lilac bushes …

• The New York Botanical Garden stretches along both banks of the Bronx River. The garden can be accessed in three ways: The greenhouse gate opens the way to the tourist information center and the greenhouse, through the Mosholu gate you can get to the landscape park, and through the Eastern gate it is convenient to enter the Rose Garden Peggy Rockefeller.• If you are in the garden for the first time, it makes sense to first visit the information center, where you can learn about the history of the New York Botanical Movement, the contribution to the creation of the garden of the heiress of the media empire Enid Haupt and the first years of the development of this bio reserve in the heart of the Bronx .• Next, go to the conservatory: admire its Victorian appearance, a figured plexus of iron overlapping and a huge glass dome in the spirit of the best creations of English architects of the late 19th century. Inside you will meet the “World of Plants” – a permanent exhibition of representatives of the flora from all corners of the planet: tropical rainforests and cacti of the North American deserts, an impressive collection of palm trees, predatory and aquatic plants.


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