• it enables users to choose payment

• How to use it?Users are requested to go through some easy steps to REACH their need.1. Registration: Users must register to have the ability to make an order, they are requested to provide their names, addresses, phone number, email address, and password.

Therefore, serveME team can manage their orders with their data.2. Basket: Is a tool where the selected services appear, and it allows users to modify dates, time, type of services and they are allowed to cancel the order.

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Also, it enables users to choose payment methods and confirming the order.3. Payment: We accept the following credit and debit cards, American Express, Visa and Mastercard. We are unable to accept cards that are due to expire within the next month. 4. Order management: After confirming the order, a message will be sent to both the customer and the service provider to provide them with the order number that will inform them with all the details about the order: list of the requested services, user information, details of the address, date and time and payment information.

The team will send a notification reminder a day before the requested day to ensure that the customer is available, and they can delay it within 24 hours before the chosen time.


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