• the emergence of new substitutes may pose

• High Competition in bottling• Shelf Space Competition• High prices for concentrate• Trademark infringements• Levelled Off demand for CSD • High Investment Costs for Bottling • 2 major competitors• Competitive strategy in advertising • Levelled off industry growth• Secret Cola Recipe• Competitor Diversity• Low Exit Barriers• Reputation AdvantageSuppliers and buyers have not had more power over the industry than it has had over them. Internal rivalry, while seeming intense, has not eroded the profitability of the industry because of its concentration and the fact that the two major players have primarily competed on the basis of advertising and promotion and not price. Entry is difficult both for reasons of scale and the strong brand identity of the current major players. Substitutes have not been close enough to take away significant market share, although the emergence of new substitutes may pose the largest threat to the industry’s profitability.Point wise discussion is as sited below:


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