· and entities as needed in the project.

·         Good understanding of Social Enterprise Management (SEM) and Curam Enterprise Framework.

·         Experience with relational databases such as DB2.

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·         Understanding a high-level Entity-Relation structure as used in Curam.

·         Experience in Software development, Client       and Server technology.

·         Technical experience in using programming languages such as Java, J2EE, XML, etc.

·         Design and implement the eligibility rules using CER (Cúram Express Rules).

·         Hands-on experience in working on rate tables and implementing the same in CER framework.

·         Implemented the Child Eligibility Benefit rules based on the IRS business requirement.

·         Experience in working on RSA and Eclipse IDE.

·         Design and use structs and entities as needed in the project.

·         Experience in working on Curam Batch Framework, UIM, VIM and IEG.

·         Experience in working on Batch process and support it throughout.

·         Experience in debugging and solving server and client side issues in Curam.

·         Involved in implementing Custom evidence brokering framework.

·         Experience in solving issues related to evidences raised by the testing team.

·         Experience in working and generating Notices in Curam and Worked on Eclipse BIRT.

·         Communicating and supporting the testing team in problem solving.

·         Involved in learning and understanding of the different scope areas of development.

·         Involved in full life cycle of requirements through functional design and testing.

·         Ability to share knowledge and help mentor teammates when necessary.

·         Ability to understand, design and document Cúram Enterprise Framework Components as per the business requirement.

·         Perform code review when possible.

·         Attend daily scrums to update team and share knowledge.

·         Work with the team with the designs for the development and fix issues covering different areas of the project.

·         Developer level testing for each module and fix the defects identified.

Write code for Junit test cases. 


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