· and entities as needed in the project.

·         Good understanding of Social Enterprise Management (SEM) and Curam Enterprise Framework.

·         Experience with relational databases such as DB2.·         Understanding a high-level Entity-Relation structure as used in Curam.·         Experience in Software development, Client       and Server technology.·         Technical experience in using programming languages such as Java, J2EE, XML, etc.·         Design and implement the eligibility rules using CER (Cúram Express Rules).·         Hands-on experience in working on rate tables and implementing the same in CER framework.·         Implemented the Child Eligibility Benefit rules based on the IRS business requirement.

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·         Experience in working on RSA and Eclipse IDE.·         Design and use structs and entities as needed in the project.·         Experience in working on Curam Batch Framework, UIM, VIM and IEG.·         Experience in working on Batch process and support it throughout.

·         Experience in debugging and solving server and client side issues in Curam.·         Involved in implementing Custom evidence brokering framework. ·         Experience in solving issues related to evidences raised by the testing team.·         Experience in working and generating Notices in Curam and Worked on Eclipse BIRT.·         Communicating and supporting the testing team in problem solving.·         Involved in learning and understanding of the different scope areas of development.·         Involved in full life cycle of requirements through functional design and testing.·         Ability to share knowledge and help mentor teammates when necessary.

·         Ability to understand, design and document Cúram Enterprise Framework Components as per the business requirement.·         Perform code review when possible.·         Attend daily scrums to update team and share knowledge.·         Work with the team with the designs for the development and fix issues covering different areas of the project.

·         Developer level testing for each module and fix the defects identified.Write code for Junit test cases. 


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