Research Proposal on Hotel Industry

Hotel industry is the essential part of hospitality business, which includes various services which provide people with everything what can maintain their leisure time. It is obvious that travelling is becoming more and more popular and it has become a profitable business long ago, so, in order to be able to serve all the customers on the appropriate level hotel business is the correct way out. Very often the places of interests can not attract many clients because of the lack of accommodation or hotels, so tourists can not stop for a night or two and visit the place they want.

Hotel industry is very varied and includes a great number of extra services which are not connected with the simple provision of accommodation. Hotel industry is closely connected with the restaurant and theme park business, because every high-quality prestigious hotel has its own restaurant, which provides its clients with special dishes and unique cuisine. Generally, such restaurants are quite expensive and this addition to the hotel business can bring extra profit to the owner.

Every theme park attracts thousands of people every month and it is natural, that the guests from other countries or regions have to spend a night somewhere. Such hotels are also organized in the style of the same theme as the park, what makes their price higher.

Hotel Industry

Hotel industry is quite profitable if the hotel is located near the touristic place. Generally, hotels provide rooms for the people of all classes, including expensive and luxury apartments which include various extra services. Naturally, hotel industry is quite troublesome, because the competition on the market is very high and hotels try to reduce prices for their service or on the contrary practise the policy of ‘barriers to entry’ making the services expensive and affordable only to the certain class of people.

The students who are interested in hotel industry are able to research the problem deeper and prepare detailed research paper on it but at first they will have to persuade the teachers in the success of the chosen topic with the help of the well-organized and original research proposal. A good hotel industry research proposal is supposed to be convincing, logical and explain the purpose and the expected results of the research. More over one should share the methodology and the literature review with the professor to prove that the research will be of high quality.

In order to complete a successful research proposal students apply for help in the Internet, because they have the opportunity to find a free example research proposal on hotel industry written by an expert. If one looks through one of the high-quality sample research proposals on hospitality industry, he will catch the general manner of the correct writing.


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